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Accu-Life True Easy Syringe _ #PTPAinsider


Accu-Life True Easy syringe makes dispensing medicines simple and precise for parents everywhere. Happily, I also want to note this one just earned the Parent Tested Parent Approved award for the Holidays 2012 season. Accu-Life is a useful tool so I can see why it gets the seal of approval.

This syringe takes a tiny bit of getting used to at first, so it’s crucial that you remove from package and spend some time getting used to the mechanics of figuring out the right dose. Figure out what the correct dose of medicine (by checking with the prescription details or the boxed over the counter medical information on package) is for your child then take the syringe and, in a well lit area, look at the orange disc portion of the device and find the arrow.

Line the arrow up with the dose necessary. This syringe goes up to 2 teaspoons. There are four settings from 0.5 teaspoons of liquid or 2.5 mls upto 10 mls or 2 teaspoons. I originally thought that was a small limitation of the item as a parent. But when I looked further at my children’s sizes, ages and weights, and then evaluated the medicine they are on as well, I realized the Accu-Life True Easy is more than well enough equipped to handle the dosing needs for children all the way upto tweens. And if you can do math, then you could easily use this to add to 15 mls or 20 mls if ever the dose of medicine went that high.

The syringe is durable. I played with the dosing and the pieces for a few days to get an idea of whether they would snap off easily or not and nothing broke. I liked the clear indicator arrow at top on the orange disk and I found it easy to use after a bit of experimenting. It’s not a product you want to be fumbling with in the middle of the night, but for accuracy, durability and safety I don’t think I would be without the Accu- Life True Easy syringe.

I am a PTPA Insider and as such I received an Accu-Life True Easy syringe for testing. This in no way influenced my opinion.

This is a BPA free plastic that is easily cleaned and reused.

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  • Shayna Murray

    I really really like the True Easy Syringe. With allergies and asthma in our house (and a current case of the flu) my little one gets medication on a regular basis so this has been useful. The only complaint that I have is that after a few uses (particularly with Advil or Tylenol) all of the markings on the syringe (not the plunger) have come off so double checking that you have the correct dose is an issue. It’s nothing that a Sharpie can’t fix though.

  • Journeys of The Zoo

    I don’t have any syringes in the house. Thankfully my kids haven’t needed one yet but I should have one just in case. I’ll see if they sell them at Shoppers Drug Mart. Thanks for sharing, I always appreciate your honest opinion.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  • Brandi Yee

    This sounds like a great and accurate syringe! I always have syringes, especially for my daughter’s Epipen kit with the Benadryl. If she were to have an anaphylaxis reaction, it would be too hard to get medicine into her mouth without a syringe. I’ll have to try this!