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It’s been raining all day here. Rain, plus chilly temperatures equals the perfect climate for tea. If you are a tea lover like me, you enjoy sampling all the various options and flavours and you can’t get enough of the newest thing. You might even be so hardcore that you keep a tea journal. I mean why not document the best tasting teas that you have had this year. Hey, by the way these adorable tea advent calendars are something else and they make great holiday gifts.

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Tea Lovers will LOVE THIS Cute Tea Journal

What’s your favourite cuppa tea? If I had to pick, I think mine would be Alpine from David’s Tea. Years ago, we got this gorgeous Breville tea maker and it is constantly on at this time of the year. It is the ideal way to make a steaming cup of full bodied tea to take the chill off. Whether you take your tea with a splash of milk, cream or entirely black, I think a lot of us can agreed, Ted Lasso, not withstanding, that tea is a gift that many appreciate this time of the year. Tea has always reminded me of my British grandmother and there’s something soothing about that.

Download this journal printable easily by clicking on the link above. Couldn’t be easier. Don’t miss all of the other free printable activities I have available for you and for your children too. Click on the tab at the topi of the site where the printable activities are organized.

Sneak Peak

What is your Favourite?

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good cup of coffee too, but these chilly days are made for tea. I can’t help getting nostalgic every time I pour myself a steaming hot cup of tea because it reminds me so much of my childhood. My grandmother who came from England, near Manchester, loved her Tetley and Sanka. I was telling my older daughter the other day how many of those tiny ceramic figurines my grandmother had decorating her living room on the shelves near the entry. Just thinking of her in that house in. Guelph where she lived for most of my young life, makes me feel safe.

Looking for Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers?

Here are several tea themed gifts that I like and have bought over the years or reviewed here on this site.

Gifts for Tea Lovers

What’s Your Favourite Tea Memory? Do you have one?

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