Oliver’s Labels Room-eez #Giveaway

Remember this review back here.
This Room-eez removable personalized decorative wall decal made my daughter’s day when we reviewed it on thriftymommastips.com one month ago. She has a unique name and she is a karate ninja girl so let’s just say it’s unusual to find anything personalized that makes sense for Ainsley. Oliver’s Labels Room-eez fit the bill perfectly. They have the cutest personalized growth charts and wall decals and they are super simple to create. 
When you log in to their site, you get this little popup window that shows you the colors available and the little animated figure or design beneath the name. It uses a girl’s or boy’s bedroom as a backdrop and lets you preview the colors and designs as you make them. I loved that! So you can visualize exactly what it will look like on the wall in your child’s room. They cost a mere $22.99 for the name. You can also remove and save the transfer should you suddenly change rooms or move to a different home. The materials are durable and they don’t shrink or fade. Frankly I found them to be really affordable too. The Room-eez decals with the figures, or characters beneath, are $29.99. I once created an elaborate mural on both my children’s walls and it took days of work plus many jars of paint and design tools. So, this is money well spent.
If you don’t believe me, take my daughter’s word for it. She reviewed the Room-eez cute personalized decals  on thriftymommastips.com.  Ainsley was so thrilled when we put her name on the wall that she told me: “You should have kept that for a Christmas gift. It would be a perfect Christmas present.”
These get a $$$$$ out of $$$$$. Easy to order, great product and re-usable? Good price too? Yes, please!

Anyways the great people at Oliver’s Labels have offered one for a giveaway too. So you too can own one for your child. Follow the instructions to win. Good Luck! Follow Oliver’s Labels on twitter too. 

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