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Adorable Magician Writing Prompt for Kids

Here’s to your little writers and content creators. Let’s celebrate and nurture the creative souls with this Magician Writing Prompt Printable Activity.

Easy Indoor Activities for Creative Kids

First, if your kids are hunting for activities that are quiet and indoors this winter, then here’s a thought. Why not offer up some writing prompts to get them creating content? Writing is a great way to express imagination while exploring literacy through spelling and grammar.

And second of all, this Magician Writing Prompt is simple and fun. Who doesn’t adore magic and magicians?

Writers Will Write

magician writing prompt pin

One millliiiiooooooonnn years ago, in grade school, I discovered a love of writing. Obviously, I still write and am happy to call that my career and vocation, but I first realized a love of the written word as a child. I didn’t need a writing prompt to be inspired and really all I needed was a pencil and a blank page. But, I know that my teachers offered all sorts of worksheets to my class.

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I was that kid who asked the teacher for homework, or worksheets to take home on the weekend and over the holidays. Frankly, I lived in my head and that trickled out onto paper all the years of my life. Oh sure, not every child is like that, but some kids are searching for creative outlets and ways to express themselves. By contrast, others will need a nudge in the right direction.

My youngest daughter often enjoys writing stories. She has written some posts here like this Harry Potter is the Best Movie Series for a pandemic post and this Travel with Teens post.

Frankly, it gives me joy to see that at least one of my kids likes writing in her spare time. She has found a voice through repetitive practice and by scribbling in journals for years on end now.

For me, I think my love for writing started in grade 2 and has only grown over the years. Reading all of the amazing books I could at that age and stage made me want to try writing. In grade two I actually wrote a small book with a classmate named Matt and I dubbed myself an author. The other child was sort of mortified as I recall.

Some of my Favourite Childhood Books

Nostalgia alert: my favourite books in grade 2/3 were The Anne of Green Gables Series and also the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie series. However, I didn’t mind getting special single volumes either, such as: any Jean Little book or later on the Are You There God, Judy Blume books.

For holidays like birthdays and Christmas, I was overjoyed if I got a diary, journal, fancy writing pen, or a boxed set of books. Nancy Drew came in handy around grade 3/4.

How to Get This Magician Writing Prompt Activity

So, how do you access this printable worksheet?

First, access via the link below and print it out for your kids. This could be a great way for them to explore creativity for an hour or two. Please let me know if they are really into writing and I will share more of these types of posts and writing prompts.

What are you writing about right now? Do you journal? Do you write?

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