Happy Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Here’s an easy way to cope with birthdays this year. Why not give a birthday scavenger hunt a try?


Tenth Birthday Celebrations

When both of my girls turned ten, we did some amazing fun things to celebrate their birthdays. Together, with my entire family we took my oldest girl to Disney and the Kennedy Space Centre.

My youngest got tickets to see Katie Perry in concert with us. But, before we gave her the tickets we did a birthday scavenger hunt.

Hidden Clues

I hid clues around the house and they led her on a quick tour to find the next clue. One by one she turned them over and followed the instructions. She LOVED that and I adored seeing the glee on her face as she figured each out..

Eventually, the three of us took the train to Ottawa and Montreal and spent a few days exploring, before we attended the concert. A Montreal girl’s trip was just the right thing to launch her into double digits. That birthday scavenger hunt was the thing that started the entire adventure.

Of course, we have also celebrated our birthdays. I had a surprise birthday party for my husband’s 40th about a decade ago. That was a hoot, actually. We were living in our old house then and we had small children by that time. This year, I like this birthday scavenger hunt for a lot of reasons.

By now, almost everyone has had a pandemic birthday. Not quite so fun as the epic adventures we once had before this awful year. But, still if you are looking for some alternative ways to celebrate a birthday this year, this birthday scavenger hunt might help.

Get this Scavenger Hunt Now

Katie Perry puts on an incredible show, by the way. So, if you ever have the chance to see her, then take it and go. If you have girls, or music lovers, they will adore it. I’ll never forget my tween dancing in the aisles of the concert venue as the lights strobed rainbow colours overhead.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Take some time to print this off now. Do let me know if you use it this year and drop a comment here.

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