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All Inclusive Travel – Seven Reasons It’s So Worth It #Travel


All inclusive travel is one of those things that people either love or hate. I’ve heard all of the phrases like, “You could do that yourself and save some money.” Or, “Is it really worth it just to have meals included?” My answer to all of these is yes. All inclusive travel is a great way to spend your vacation because you actually vacation instead of work. Also all inclusive can be very budget friendly and family friendly too! We have taken several all inclusive vacations as a family.

Why All Inclusive Travel is So Worth It

All inclusive travel is like the holy grail of vacationing. At least it is for me. I’d much rather spend my time bonding with the family and having fun than deciding where to eat or buy gas or any of the other multitude of things that will most certainly kill my travel buzz. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the things that make all inclusive travel so worth it.

No Worries

This sort of goes without saying, but one of the best parts of all inclusive travel is that you have no worries. When you don’t have to worry about where to eat, when to check in, where the nearest gas station is and the like, your stress level just plummets. And that’s a wonderful thing!


At most all inclusive destinations there are several dining options. From various restaurants to buffet style eating with everything under the sun. If you have kids, you can already guess why this is so great. Gone are the horrible fights about where to eat. One kid wants a burger and one wants pasta? No problem. Hit the buffet! Plus buffet dining is often very open ended. The buffet might start at 5:30 and end at 9 or later. So the little people can finish their naps and have dinner when they are ready and you as a family don’t sacrifice too much of your sanity. There’s no need to have reservations each night that way.


All inclusive travel also has the benefit of great entertainment. Whether you’re at a Disney Resort or Atlantis, incredible entertainment is always close by.


You don’t have to do it! When you take advantage of all inclusive travel, worrying about parking is a thing of the past. Everything is already right there. All inclusive travel means you get to your destination, and that’s it. Everything you need or want is either within walking distance or can be accessed by a provided means of transportation such as a shuttle.


Excursions are another wonderful part of all inclusive travel. Although you COULD just stay at the resort the entire time – and there’s nothing wrong with that – you might want to get out and explore. If your travel destination is an all inclusive beach, mountain, or other resort not directly related to a theme park, you can find all sorts of great tours of the natural surroundings.

Family Bonding

All inclusive travel is so worth it for the family bonding. It is FAR easier to bond as a family when dad isn’t cranky from looking for a gas station, mom isn’t cranky from telling dad to ask for directions, and they kids aren’t cranky because they’ve been stuck in a car for 8 hours. All inclusive travel is very family friendly.


People sometimes think all inclusive is not in the budget. But if you sit and do the math you will realize that front loading you vacation and paying for everything in one package is often cheaper in the long run than spending on gas or flights and accommodations and meals. My kids can eat a lot sometimes. Plus it’s much simpler than piecing all the individual travel elements out. This is the kind of stress free travel I love.

All Inclusive Travel – Vacations Should be Fun!

The thing that makes all inclusive travel a clear winner for me is the fun factor. It is MUCH easier to have fun when you’re worry free and stress free. I’d rather pay a little more at the front end for a trip that allows me to maximize my family fun and bonding time. And that’s what all inclusive travel is all about – stress free fun for the entire family.

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