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Back to School and 2013 Special #Kindermom Treats

The first week back to school after Christmas break can be traumatic, or joyful depending on your perspective. Getting the kids up and out the door after two weeks of sleeping in and not setting an alarm clock is trying to say the least. So, when treats arrived at my doorstep in the form of Kindersurprises that first afternoon my kids were back to school, well I knew how to use them.
After I pick my children up from school, the first thing I hear typically is this: “I am starving.” “Can we have McDonald’s, Reese’s pieces, a peanut butter sandwich, or something to eat, right away?”
Yesterday I got to say: “There is already a special treat waiting at home for you.”
That sure put an end to the list of complaints/demands. 
Note, how the eggs are tinted pink in the below picture. That’s because right now, there are specially marked Kindersurprises with Limited Edition Hot Wheels and Barbie toys inside. I have lovers of both here, so luckily when we had that first welcome home treat after school the very first egg my oldest daughter opened had a cute Barbie figurine inside.
The special Barbie Kindersurprise treats
A dinosaur we got first.
How happy is she to get Barbie on the first try?
Now, anyone who reads my blog regularly knows already that we are big fans of Barbie. 

We write about her often and have been involved in various Barbie ambassadorships, 
like this one called #BarbieICanBeMy girls got the Barbie Dreamhouse from Santa, so I am sure that the new Kindersurprise Barbie figurines will find their way into playtime plot lines.
(I love to eavesdrop on their stories and occasionally join in.)

We had to work a little harder to find the Hot Wheels toys. 
Each specially marked Kindersurprise has a fun new toy.
One in three eggs contains a Barbie toy or a Hot Wheels car. 
Ainsley opened them eagerly the other night and we had to eat two 
of the yummy hollow peanut-free chocolate eggs before we hit the jackpot
with a blue Hot Wheels car.I may have helped – just a little. 
Ainsley happily took three Kindersurprises to school yesterday to share 
and I am guessing they were a big hit since she came home amped up
about playing Hot Wheels with her friends all recess. The trio of friends 
each landed a Hot Wheels car and made racetracks out of snow.
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