Nasty Stains #Resolvetip and a Chance to Win $5,000

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You know that rhyme? The old one you grew up with – sugar and spice and everything nice and that’s what girls are made of. Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails and so on and so forth…well, whoever made that cutesy little rhyme clearly never met my girl Ainsley. She is grass and dirt, bloody knees, hugs, exploding science experiments and sometimes bug guts and peanut butter stains all rolled into one sweet little girl package. That’s life with my dolly who I once wrote about in a piece the Globe and Mail dubbed Watch out for My Tornado Girl
Stains are par for the course. Grass stains have a starring role in our laundry routine. She rolls in it and climbs in it and very often slides into an imaginary home plate through it. So it ends up ground into the knees of all her favourite pairs of jeans. But it doesn’t stop there. Kids are stain magnets. Moms and Dads with Kids are like giant paper towels absorbing the cast off splatter from all matter of activity, and occasional mishap.
When the kids were young I recall the mushy banana stains we got on all the best Carter’s outfits and the Osh Kosh. Much of the clothing was ruined in fact when banana enzymes reacted with baby girl and became big brown monstrosity down front of adorable outfit of the month. My own clothing has been victim to spit up and grease and babyhood, pizza, tomato sauce and grease. I would love to blame all of that on my kids, but truthfully I sometimes like to cook. In fact I love to sautee and I very often foolishly jump right in. (For instance with my favourite chicken and mushroom casserole) Pulling the skin from the bone often results in chicken grease on jeans, or new white T-shirt. Recently I took a brand new Polo shirt to the Dominican Republic for a lovely dinner out and ordered calamari in tomato sauce. Yes, that was brilliant. White shirt met an early demise.
Crystal White Helped get the black belt’s uniform white as the day we got it. 
A couple of weeks ago Mom Central sent a batch of Resolve Oxi-Action In Wash Powder and Resolve Oxi-Action Crystal White In Wash Powder. So I put it to the test on a few stains around here. Now it should be noted that I took this to task and put it to work on a stain that was ink and about three years old. I wanted to see if it was just that good. Apparently nothing is. Once upon a time daughter left a felt tip pen on her comforter. I know we should have stain treated right away. But life got in the way back then. So three years later we decided to stain treat said ink blot with Resolve. We made a paste of the Resolve and it attacked the old ink stain. It pulled the black ink right out of the fabric, but left it a dull brown spot. So my aim is to give it a second try and see if it might lift the light brown right out of the fabric now. It faded the stain a lot. Stay tuned for an update. I am frankly astonished it budged any of the ink after three years.
I used Crystal White on my little one’s uniform here, because it has faded a bit since we got it. The Crystal White perked the shade right up. I like that I can use Resolve with my HE washer. It doesn’t have a scent and it’s easy to apply.
So for ink stains and grass stains My Resolve Tip is here: 
(Get at them right away!!)
Use one scoop of Resolve Oxi-Action In Wash Powder.
Add warm water and stir until a paste forms. 
Use the bumpy bottom part of the scoop to massage the paste into stain.
Let it sit for five minutes at least then put it into the washer with regular detergent and a scoop of Resolve. Watch the stain disappear.
Right now you can share your own tips, or hunt down some stain advice on the Resolve Tip Exchange site. You can also win a grand prize of $5,000 or one of several weekly $250 prepaid credit card prizes.
Disclosure: I am part of the Resolve Tip Exchange blogger program with Mom Central, and as such, I receive special perks. My opinion is all my own. 

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