Be a Queen Every Day with Chamilia Earrings

You know how you save those pretty pieces of jewelry for a special occasion? Same can be said of the fancy shoes, the expensive purse or smartest jacket. As women, we do that. Save it for the special event, the unique opportunity to show it off. Well, what if that special occasion never comes? Or what if it doesn’t come more than four times a year?

What if you are the special occasion. And life is everything every single day. Bring it every day. I mean what are you waiting for exactly? How about today? Buy something just for you, or wear it just because you are a queen. And you deserve to feel like a queen every single day.


Chamilia earrings, and their jewelry pieces in general, make me feel like a queen. So, when I spied these adorable Tiara stud earrings I had to have them and I am putting them to use. Because frankly life is not a dress rehearsal. Anyone who spends time here at all knows I love a beautiful piece of jewelry. It makes me happy and Chamilia is one of my favorite jewelry companies so I have quite a few of their pretty pieces here from bracelets to bangles and rings.

I’ve written about Chamilia before, and I can’t get enough of them. What draws me to them is their classic feel. When I was younger, I went for the big, chunky “statement” pieces. In fact I was an eighties girl, so bigger was better. Shoulder pads, gigantic high heels and bright pink or coral.

But thankfully the 80s have passed. WHEW. And these days, I want something elegant and classic, and that’s what Chamilia is all about. Their jewelry uses sterling silver, a classic choice, and their designs are beautifully understated in a way that makes them perfect for any look and style.


Kristin Coaker Talks Chamilia Studs

“We’re here to help a woman tell a story that’s hers alone through her jewelry,” said Kristin Coaker, Head of Merchandising and Brand Communications for Chamilia. “Stud earrings are an area of expansion right now due to increased demand in the category. We are seeing constellation piercings, in particular, as a growing trend. Chamilia stud earrings are collectible, affordable, and last a lifetime. The classic motifs in this collection are truly timeless, as are the materials the earrings are crafted in.”


The Collection

The sensibility of this collection perfectly matches mine, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The simple designs with just the right amount of detailing make this collection perfect for the woman who loves to make a statement that’s subtle, but still striking. With 14 different designs that can be mixed and matched, I can choose exactly which pieces to wear solo or even as a collection of a couple of different ones to make an entire statement. With designs like hearts, diamonds, and even bows, these fun pieces have something for everyone.

I received a pretty pair of the Chamilia Tiara Stud earrings here, and they are beautiful. These Chamilia earrings are pretty enough to make me feel like a queen every day.

Here’s a rundown of the new Fall and Winter collection. Each design features sterling silver or bright sterling silver coupled with clear or colored Swarovski crystals for a look that is playful, yet elegant.

  • Quatrefoil Studs
  • Paisley Studs
  • Paisley Pave Studs in White
  • Arrow Studs
  • Crown Studs
  • Crown Hearts Studs
  • Cross Studs
  • Sparkling Shells Studs
  • Floral Studs
  • Bow Studs
  • Tiara Studs
  • Paisley Pave Studs in Rainbow

What Will Your Chamilia Studs Say About You

My favorite aspect of this new Fall and Winter line of studs is how personal they are. With such a wide, varied collection of styles, there’s something there to tell everyone’s unique story. I got the tiara studs because I love the simplicity of the design, and they make me feel like a queen. These ones are available in the shade I am wearing, or blue or zirconia.

I know it’s a different line, but these Chamilia skulls are dark and fun too.

Which Chamilia Earrings will you choose? What story will they tell? You won’t know until you check out the line of studs from Chamilia and Swarovski!

I received product for consideration here. My opinion is all my own and it is also always truthful. This post also contains affiliate links as a service to readers. 

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