How to Help Active Families Protect Their Skin

This post was sponsored by Banana Boat. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

Active Families need sunscreen that is as strong as they are. My family is on the go all year long. We choose to be busy doing a wide range of sports indoors and out. We lead an active lifestyle and work hard at that every day. It’s important to me that we are active together and modelling good habits that will carry into the future when our kids are adults raising their own families.

Healthy activity daily leads to better physical and mental health. That’s simply not negotiable here. In the summer, our active lifestyle revolves around martial arts, regular workouts and swimming and in the winter it revolves around indoor workouts and ski season.



Active families like mine are out and about in winter and summer, and it’s important to ensure the safety and health of the skin no matter what you’re doing. In our case, right now we are doing a lot of sports, swimming, walking, biking, hiking, horseback riding lessons, or even just hanging out in the backyard jumping in the pool and grilling up delicious dinner.

In the summer and fall months too we’re out in the sun. We need several things when we are being active outdoors. Water, headphones, family and reliable sunscreen that can stand up to the sun and stay put while we are swimming, hiking or travelling.


Here’s a little snapshot of our summer routine.

Ainsley, my youngest daughter, just finished horseback riding lessons and a dressage competition. When your warmup is outdoors before heading into the ring on a day without a cloud in the sky, you better have a lot of water and a reliable sunscreen with you. We came home with a second place ribbon, a lot of memories and NO sunburn.

In a couple of days my older daughter starts her summer job as a counsellor at day camp and my youngest is doing summer drama camp for two weeks. After that we are both traveling for a bit. Both of my girls will be outside often for a large part of every day, which means they need sunscreen handy. We send them each with their own bottle of sunscreen labelled so it doesn’t get lost.

And when they are at work or camp, I’m working out and also working. In the nice weather I often make the backyard deck my office.  One of the benefits of working for yourself. The patio umbrella gives me shade and Banana Boat sunscreen protects my skin. Running around town picking kids up and dropping them off is a sweaty job. Happily Banana Boat’s Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray stays put.


Sun Protection That Goes as Hard as We Do

Banana Boat’s Simply Protect line of sunscreen can stand up to the rigours of our active lifestyle, works well, and contains 25% fewer ingredients than other sunscreens. That means its safer for our skin, overall. Their products contain no added oils or fragrances which make them easier on our skin. That’s a big plus for me. We switched to Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray, this season and it’s working well.


Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Spray

This product is tailor-made for active families. Its water and sweat resistant formula provides lightweight, safe and effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection without harmful ingredients, so it can protect us no matter what we’re doing. The biggest bonus for me is that it protects us without adding in things that I don’t want on my families skin. Another bonus is that its water and sweat protection lasts up to 80 minutes, which means we have to reapply it less often.

Sun Protection for Active Families is Easy with Banana Boat

So far, Banana Boat has been everything my family needs and then some. I love the peace of mind I have knowing that when we put on their Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray, my family is protected from the sun’s harmful rays more effectively than anything else we’ve ever used. And I don’t have to obsess quite so much on how often we put it on.

Perfect for Active Families

The Banana Boat Simply Protect Sunscreen line is perfect for active families. I recommend it. If you’re an on-the-go family (or even if you’re not) I highly encourage you to give it a try. It’s a game-changer for active families.


Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Melissa

    Yes! protecting your skin is so important. We always use sunscreen and one of our favorites is Banana Boat! It is so important when you are outdoors to use it and reapply throughout the day! Looks like your family had fun together outdoors 🙂

  • Sage

    I’ve always been firmly in the stay out of the sun and wear highest SPF possible camp. But this year I’ve decided to go for a little color since we’re having a gorgeous Danish summer. I hope I don’t live to regret this.

  • Stacie Hamilton

    I use sunscreen daily and this looks like an excellent choice. I really like the spray type application the best. There’s no excuse not to use it. And I really love that this one has no Oxybenzone since this is the ingredient that I choose to avoid.

  • Ann Snook

    Banana Boat is such a great brand because it’s so affordable! I will have to try this kind because my hubby gets so sweaty in the heat, his sunscreen sweats right off! Sprays are so much nicer than lotion, too… no more greasy hands.

  • Rachel

    We are a pretty active summer family. I have the view that I feel like I have failed if we get tans though. I am all aout a good sunscreen. I want to keep my family healthy and me young looking!

  • Melanie

    I have two things every where we go in the summer: sunscreen and bug spray! Here in the south, the sun and bugs are brutal! We have used Banana Boat in the past. I typically buy whatever I can get in bulk from Sam’s Club.

  • Kathy

    It’s so important to use sunscreen, especially with children. I always make sure that I have sunscreen on me. It’s never fun with a sunburn, so using sunscreen is extremely important.

  • mya kroeplin

    good sunscreen is so important. we keep banana boat in our beach bag at all times so we don’t forget it.

  • Tami

    We’ve used Banana Boat products ever since they came out. I have kiddos as old as twenty-one years old. I hate to see them get burnt and the thought of damage or cancer makes me ill.