Best London Christmas Lights to See Now (Have a Drive Through, Socially Distant New Year!)

So where are the best London Christmas lights that are safe to see from the car? Are they still open? Can you make that part of your New Year’s Eve tonight?

Ilderton Christmas Eve

Read the information below to find out.

Obviously parades and the holiday season went virtual this year around Ontario and in many places throughout Canada. But, what about New Year’s Eve? And what about social distancing?

Good news. There are still a few London Christmas lights and homes to drive by and enjoy. Check out some of the Best Drive Through London Christmas lights and holiday light displays before they end!

Drive Through London Christmas Lights (And Surrounding Area)

While we still can’t do much in person, we can get out for walks and the occasional drive. There are a couple of local areas where you can visit Christmas lights and enjoy them safely with your family from the car.

Drive by, or drive through lighting displays, help cheer everyone up.

Making Spirits Bright

When social distancing and lockdown is the name of the game, you can actually still safely do a few things to keep spirits bright. Believe me, that’s what we have been working on, because this round of lockdown is pretty crappy, especially since we have been following the rules and being extremely cautious in my home since March. (Even though many others have not extended the same courtesy and exercised responsibility.)

Lockdown 2.0 in Ontario

It has been extremely hard to watch as others don’t provide the community with the same consideration as anti-maskers decide their freedom is somehow negatively impacted by wearing a small piece of cloth that protects people from germs.

Our Routine

During the first round of lockdown, some days my greatest goal was actually just making sure my teenagers got out of bed and moved. In my house, we manage mental health with medicine (and doctors), plus a routine of water, diet, sleep and exercise. These are the things that I tell my kids are not negotiable. I am a broken record that way.

Most days, I was reasonably sure at least 2-3 of us in this house were actually dressed. Other days, I said the heck with it and told my teens throw on a jacket and walk in your pyjamas with me. Nobody else will know or care.


Winter Lockdown

Over the last year, I have rallied the troops and plugged in all the virtual support possible. Yet, here we are again, in the middle of winter, with ski season postponed indefinitely. Don’t even get me started on that. Ski hills have been working for months on how to social distance and be safe and still offer people the chance to stay fit mentally and physically on ski hills.

And no other province in Canada has blocked ski hills from opening because they have all implemented strict ski with your family and leave protocols.

So, with little to do but sit tight again and get mad occasionally because others aren’t following rules and politicians are also not following their own rules, we have found the occasional local drive through London Christmas lights (and surrounding area) a small respite from the repetition.

Lighting of the Lights

Everyone in London knows that there’s typically a unique tree lighting ceremony in Victoria Park called Lighting of the Lights. This year, that display on Clarence Street in downtown London is up and ready to view from your car or from a social distance with masks on only.

Typically in years gone by we have also gathered to skate and watch the fireworks at 9 pm, a kid’s display that we loved when the kids were younger. Maybe another year that will happen again. I always loved skating in Victoria Park.

Downtown London

Although the official ceremony of Lighting of the Lights will not be held this year, crews are still working to install over 75,000 lights in the park. Residents can still visit on their own time and enjoy the beauty of nature and the lights!

Lights on Stratford

A stunning display throughout Stratford.

The City of Stratford has released new details on the upcoming Lights On Stratford festival, which will run from Nov. 19 to Feb. 14, 2021, in several locations throughout the city. That makes this a MUST DO open through part of February!

From north London this is a quick 45 minute drive. We are planning to see it this week. Every single report that I have seen from friends indicates this is stunning and super spread out throughout Stratford. So, hurray and that makes it even more socially distant!!


Listen, there’s a home there in Ilderton that goes nuts on Songbird Lane.

Wear your mask and get out for a quick photo if it is safe. This is a pandemic. Please be safe. We took photos in Ilderton on Christmas Eve after we did Zoom calls and FaceTime calls here with all of our relatives.

We didn’t SEE anyone in person all Christmas and I am desperately trying to keep teens with mental illness alive in my home during a pandemic. So, I need all of the small boosts possible, whether that is a drive by light display or making hot chocolate bombs or doing a silly TikTok.

I am attempting to boost the mental health of people here in my home, so we drove by the display and we paused to take photos with our masks on and we loved it. While this is outside London, it qualifies for me as one of the best local London light displays.

St. Marys

Winter Lights-St. Marys.. on until January 3, 2021 – enjoy their lights throughout the holiday season!

Take a short drive to St Marys to see their winter light show from your vehicle.

City of Woodstock

Virtual Tour of Lights. While this is a bit further away than the rest of these London Christmas lights, it is also available virtually. Check it out here – > City of Woodstock Virtual Tour of Lights.

I love that this one is available on Youtube. So check it out from home, no matter where you are!

Happy New Year and Happy 2021!

Wishing you a brilliant new year ahead!

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.