Get This Free Snowman Colouring Page for Kids Now!

As soon as Halloween passes it’s time to start dreaming about Christmas. That’s why I wanted to make sure to share a few of my new and free resources for families and kids, like this Snowman Colouring Page for kids.

young girl standing in falling snow looking at her snowman with carrot nose and blue hat and scarf

Keep Them Occupied Indoors

This free snowman colouring page printable is perfect for young people and little ones. Not too hard and not too easy either.

Making a snowman and getting outside to play in the snow is genuinely one of the sweetest things about being a child and living through a Canadian winter. Other special seasonal joys for me have always included outdoor sports.

Staying in the park skating on an ice rink for hours not even feeling the cold – that’s heaven.

Just be safe about where you skate, please and don’t go alone.

How to Print This Colouring Page

In case this is your first time ever landing on this site, you should know that I have hundreds of colouring sheets and worksheets and even entire downloadable educational booklets for kids to use. You simply need to visit my Free Printables Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Or alternatively, click on the tab above on my menu that reads: Printables and Crafts.

Parents can easily print this snowman colouring page for kids out and help them occupy an hour or two. Even if the weather is still warm, give this one a try. Dreaming of Christmas and the first snowfall is a huge part of the fun of the season especially when you are a child way before you need to shovel the driveway.

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There’s no need to dread the winter months if you have a plan. My plan, when kids were younger, was always to plan a trip of some sort in the winter months. Not sure yet if that will be possible during coronavirus. But I can dream nonetheless.

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Plan Ahead for Indoor Fun Too

Also, I always planned to have numerous activities lined up for my kids. Printing off colouring sheets and worksheets and activities to do indoors was one way to keep them occupied. I would also plan some outings like going skating and skiing and sometimes winter tubing too. There’s no need to be completely trapped indoors all winter long.

Oh, and of course, go make a snowman, a snowwoman and maybe even an entire family! Bundle up and get outside safely!

Off course, if you like this printable kid’s activity, then you may also enjoy this Indoor Scavenger Hunt.

Keep colourful markers and crayons on hand always. Construction paper helps also.

My kids might be older, but even so I still have a dressup bin in my basement for when little ones like my niece and nephews come to visit. There are many creative ways to keep them occupied. These are just a few of my ideas to share.

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