Be Speed Aware When Driving

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We spend a lot of hours on the road together as a family because I write about travel often. So, I’m all about road safety and ways to travel safely, of course. If you knew about something that could keep you safe on the road wouldn’t you want to know more?

When I learned about this new device – the Uniden R7 radar detector I was curious to hear more and I wondered how it worked.

Let me preface this by saying you should always drive safely. Always be in control of your vehicle. That includes checking your car, van or truck for any issues and having them tended to promptly. And never ever check

The Uniden R7 radar detector tracks up to four signals simultaneously for greater awareness as you drive. Avoid speeding tickets with this Uniden R7 radar detector. The large OLED display includes arrows that identify the direction of incoming threats and change color on a scale of green to red to indicate the signal’s strength. 

Monitor your speed

With voice notification and MAX speed warning system you will be able to hear when you exceed the preset speed without taking your eyes off the road.  This will enable you to maintain a safe driving speed when driving anywhere. 

Directional arrows indicate where the radar signal is originating from.

Large screen allows you to quickly and easily read the information while allowing you to maintain focus on the road ahead.

Key Product Specs: 

  • Voice notifications| Allow you to focus on the road
  • Works with most vehicles| Get real-time alerts in your existing vehicle.
  • Color OLED display| The easy-to-see information display provides a clear view.
  • Long-range detection| High sensitivity on all conventional and instant-on radar bands.
  • K-Filter and Ka-Filter| Filter noise from the K and Ka bands to prevent false detections.

The Uniden R7 radar detector can help you to travel safely and avoid speeding tickets. That can be a valuable tool for drivers.

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