Honeybird Weighted Blankets for Anxiety Relief

Honeybird weighted blankets offer comfort, relaxation, and anxiety relief that’s clinically proven to work. For a host of reasons, weighted blankets work.

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Insomnia? Yes, they help.

Anxiety? Yes also.

Simply need to relax? Yes indeed, also useful.


Five Reasons to Choose Honeybird Weighted Blankets

For Sensory Issues

Both of my daughters have varying degrees of anxiety, which can also cause some issues with sleep. My youngest daughter has used a weighted blanket on and off since she was 4 years old to help with sensory processing disorder. Her weighted blanket has been through the wringer, and it’s a bit on the ugly side, but it’s still functional.

There’s a reason that blanket has seen so much action. Weighted blankets work. They’re clinically proven to help ease anxiety issues and help people sleep better – even those who don’t have anxiety or sensory processing disorder.

For Anxiety

Recently, we decided to give weighted blankets a try for my oldest daughter. Oddly I never really contemplated using a weighted blanket for her. But, I have noticed her sleep issues getting a bit worse and that is troublesome. She has issues relaxing and shutting her brain off. Her brain is always on and frequently worrying. If she wakes up at night she has trouble getting back to sleep.

Product in Bed 2

So, when I learned about Honeybird Weighted Blankets I was excited to see them for myself and try them here.

For Sleep, Period

Did you know that more than one third of adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis? It is an epidemic, but weighted blankets can help with the relaxation piece of sleep.


Stress, not unlike anxiety, keeps you up at night. If you are hunting for a non invasive way to manage that sleeplessness that comes with feeling stressed, consider weighted blankets. The deep pressure of a weighted blanket can help. It’s like a big hug. (This is also why these weighted blankets work for sensory processing disorder.)

The Duvet Cover

This might sound like a cosmetic thing to you, but we have lived with weighted blankets for a decade here and while many are washable, they are not attractive. The exception is Honeybird weighted blankets. With a removable duvet cover they are as attractive as they are functional.

Did you Know?

In an occupational therapy study, 63% of the participants rated their anxiety lower with the use of the weighted blanket. According to the exit survey, 78% reported a lower anxiety after using the blanket than when not using the blanket.

Using Honeybird Weighted Blankets

I cannot believe how far weighted blankets have come! Take a peek at Honeybird weighted blankets website and you will also be surprised if you know anything at all about weighted blankets. Their blankets are luxurious and they look gorgeous. They come in a variety of colors, and they are super high quality.

The one we chose for our oldest daughter fits her room well. Her new Honeybird weighted blanket is grey, which blends well with the colour scheme of her room. The black and capri blue of one wall, green on another wall, and the grey of the blanket pair perfectly. That’s important to me.


Weighted Blanket Facts

The weight of the blanket matters. You need to decide the weight of the person using the blanket and order one that fits that criteria. It should be 10 % of the person’s weight. Also the composition of the blanket matters. As in, what is it made with? What makes it weighted?

True story – when my daughter was little I made a weighted blanket. Basically I bought a quilt and pulled it apart and inserted weights (washers that would give it enough weight) I thought I would save money making my own.

Lesson learned, because it made too much noise due to what I made the blanket with. That defeated the purpose of calming my daughter at night.

So, you need a good quality blanket and these blankets by Honeybird are a great price too.

Easing My Daughter’s Anxiety

I can say that Honeybird weighted blankets work incredibly well for easing anxiety. I know because her Honeybird has helped immensely. She has been able to fall asleep and stay asleep with her new blanket. However, she doesn’t use it for naps because she needs those to be shorter.

Yes, my teen naps but that’s another story….She cannot use it for a short nap. That’s how well it works.

If you, or someone you love, has anxiety, trouble sleeping, falling asleep or staying asleep, I highly recommend using Honeybird weighted blankets. Thus far, my daughter’s blanket has met and exceeded all of our expectations.

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