Canada Day

Fun Canada Day Matching Game Printable

This month have some fun with this Canada Day matching game. It’s a great way for kids to spend a few moments when you are getting dinner ready or doing something that needs to be done.

Canada Day matching game
match the flags

Canada Day is one of my favourite summer events. First of all, it heralds the start of summer and second of all, it is close to my daughter’s birthday. She was a July 2nd baby. So, that makes her birthday so easy to remember. But, it means many people are always away that time of year and party throwing is tricky.

Don’t miss the Canada Day Fill Ins page I have available here too for free. 

Canada Day

Canada Day is Ideal for Celebrating

Canada Day is next month. Hard to believe it’s this far into the year. I have been running some free Canada Day printables here this week. I know that the kids are home soon and some of you will be looking for extra activities to keep them busy so hopefully some of these help a bit.


I also have a free printables Pinterest board if you are really in need of some colouring pages or fun activities for the kids. Do you celebrate? With it being smack in the middle of the week this year we will likely not do too much different than we would any other day of the year. We will each be working. The kids are at day camp. What have you got planned this week?



To download this one you can click on the link below and download and print. Don’t forget to check out the Canada Day Word Search too. My word searches are ridiculously popular. 

Canada Day Matching game printable.

Happy Canada Day!!

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