My Favourite Month – July Colouring Page Printable

My favourite month of the year is here. July makes me happy, just like this cute July Colouring Page printable. I love the warmer temperatures and frankly it’s the month of my birthday and my oldest girl’s birthday. In fact, I think that alone makes it worth celebrating. Add all the other stuff in there like the beach, or the cottage, and the lazy summer days by the pool. Put that all together and clearly that’s a recipe for the best month of the year.

So happy July to you and welcome to the summer months as well. Thought it was time to post this fun July Colouring Page just in time for July 1st! Oh don’t get me wrong August has many merits too, but July is the start of summer so I always feel much less stressed about the clock ticking down to end of summer.


In fact, around here the warmer temperatures always last well into September but July and August are the months that our kids have off school in Ontario. So we make the most of them.

Have you got a lot planned for the summer months? Do you have all their camps booked yet? If not, there’s still a bit of time to get the kids signed up for stimulating summer Stem Camp. One of my girls will definitely take two weeks in Muskoka at Pioneer Camp Ontario. We shared a post about that earlier in June. And the other one is working all summer. So it will be a busy one too.

Canada Day

Canadian Content!

Canada Day is right around the corner which means it’s time for Canadian content! See above for a Canada Day Fill In the blanks activity.

Here’s my Canada Day word search for kids. There’s also a Canada Day Maze and Canada Day Facts post you should read if you are Canadian and need something fun to read or do this weekend.

By the way if you haven’t seen this Maple Bacon Cupcakes recipe yet, you need to see it and bookmark or Pin it for later. And who could forget this one Best Butter Tarts on the Planet. This is my most pinned and made recipe here.


How Do I Print This July Colouring Page Printable?

To print this out just right click on the above image or click on the PDF link below. Don’t forget to visit my Pinterest Board Free Printables page for more fun games and word searches and easy ways to keep kids busy this summer.

Tell me what is your favourite month of the year?

July Colouring Page Printable


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