Colourful DIY Spring Wall Hangings

Every so often you can easily decorate your office or your walls with a super simple printable decoration. Right now, I am loving these cute spring wall hangings as a means of brightening or cheering up a room.

First go buy a frame, or a few, after you check the size of these colourful printables. Then click and download these images here.

I love the cheery gardening saying and the bright bunny graphic DIY wall hanging. Nothing screams spring like a cute rabbit. Speaking of which, the rabbits and skunks are out in full force here now. We see them every night when we go out walking in our neighbourhood.

As always the best way to get this Spring Word Search for kids is to click on the link below and print it from that. Happy hunting!


In order to make this one you just need to print off any of the spring wall hangings. There are several here.

How to Use This Wall Hanging

Buy a simple frame from the dollar store or from IKEA. It doesn’t need to be fancy.
Put the printable inside the frame.
Attach some sturdy black string to back of the frame. You could use ribbon too if you wanted. Hang the ribbon off the back on both sides of the frame and staple it in place with a staple gun to be sure it stays there. Then hang and admire.

More Spring Ideas

I have dozens of free spring printables and word searches and games on my Pinterest Free Printables board. There’s also an Easter printable. Visit my Pinterest board for more information and more free printables like this free spring printables word search.

A Few Uplifting Sayings

Bloom Where You Are Planted has always been one of my favourite sayings. This cute DIY spring wall hanging printable is a simple means of making your space special.

Here’s the link to access the printable ->

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