30-Day Drawing Challenge to Enjoy

I love a good challenge these days. In fact, I just signed up for another yoga challenge starting April 1st with Kassandra. So, that made me think that perhaps readers would enjoy a drawing challenge again.

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Why a Challenge?

Last summer, I ran a children’s summer drawing challenge. That kind of family friendly fun activity is usually a hit for a lot of reasons. I mean last summer we were all looking for fun things to keep kids occupied. So, drawing challenges and building challenges are a simple creative activity that you can do with your kids. Or, if you are looking for something kind of fun, free and simple to bring out your playful side, this could be it.

Try This Challenge for the Kids

If your kids are yelling “Mom, I am bored,” then this cute drawing challenge might help you to get through the coming month or even just and afternoon.

And if you have teenagers and you are hunting for things to do with them now during a pandemic, then you may wish to check out this post – > 19 Things to Do During a Pandemic with Teens

Download the challenge below via the secure link.

Start off with an animal drawing. That’s an easy and fun one. If you are into making these kinds of activities even more fun while adding in a bit of learning, then figure out what animal in advance and google some facts about them.

Koala bears? I’ve got you covered. Check out my Australia Worksheet and learn a few new things.

Comic Strip

Draw a comic strip! That’s so much fun and can be turned into a cute writing activity. My kids both did these in school at a certain point – maybe grade 6, 7 or 8. They came up with an original story and a comic and had to tie them together. So cute. I still remember Payton’s cute story and characters.

We love these Castle pencil crayons for sketches and colouring here.

 Download the Activity Now

If you use this or do it together, then please remember to come back and let me know. I love to hear about you and your family using the recipes or printables here. Seeing you succeed at the crafts or the recipes makes all the work I do on this site worthwhile.

Sketch a Memory and Make Some New Ones

Drawing a childhood memory is a great way to share a few fun memories together. There are zombies and mermaids for those who love that kinds of fantastic mythical creature. There’s a lot of inspiration in this challenge. Hope you enjoy it.

What kinds of things do you like to draw?

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