Cooking With Children: Jello fun at the beach

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This summer my youngest daughter has had endless amounts of dentistry. Well, not endless I guess, because it is finally done. Thank goodness for that. But it seemed to take a long time, especially since she is not a patient child and, although not a huge eater, needs to eat what she wants when she wants it. So an impulsive eater and one that is tiny in size. I am always worried with her about whether she gets enough food. Anyways, for a week of this summer, at separate intervals, she has been only able to eat soft food. So we’ve been experimenting with jello recipes. Pinterest is fabulous for that.
This is what we made
Gummy bears at the beach.
And this is what it should have looked like….via Pinterest and some genius who actually remembered to buy the little umbrella thingys for drinks.
Source: bbcc.org via Kristin on Pinterest
By the way, if you want ideas, pop by my collaborative Cooking With Kids board. 
This was my girl before the yummy blue gummy bear jello dessert.
And this was her about one day later. No joke. It takes a lot to keep this girl down.
Also – sugar works fast.

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