Wordless Wednesday – My Nephew on Sugar

Wordless Wednesday this week. Featuring my nephew Taiga. He is three. We made a gingerbread tree together. His first time doing anything like that. He is Japanese-Canadian, full on adorable and a hoot and a half. So mischievous. Love that. I think this picture should be called Blackmail. Because I love how he unabashedly, without even contemplating gender stereotypes plunked a princess crown on his head. And there it stayed. Blackmail for his eventual wedding. The best part about this picture was what happened afterwards. When he ate the smallest bit of the green icing and sugar toppings he literally spun around the room like Hyper Hypo, that crazed character created by Mike Myers on SNL. I have never in my life seen sugar act that quick. ROFL because I am his aunt and it’s my job to enjoy him. Pure and simple.

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