Cute Kid’s Dinosaur Word Search

Make way for a dinosaur word search! Dinosaurs provide such rich learning opportunities. Our dinosaur library of books has been large since my kids were toddlers.

Diplodocus. Ankylosaurus. T-REX, and Pterodactyls!! How can you resist? Kids of all ages love Dinosaurs. There’s so much history and so many facts to be learned from dinosaurs. When my kids were small they would read endlessly about dinosaurs.


There’s something about dinosaurs that captivates people even still and sparks the imagination. Do your kids love dinosaurs as much as mine did? Then they might enjoy this fun free dinosaur word search.

Words puzzles and games are some of my favourite ways to destress and pass the time. I love having them on hand for kids when they get bored too. These fun and simple word games can help keep them busy and out of trouble while you prepare dinner, or work.




My girls like to have a bunch of these simple, fun printables on hand when we take road trips. Since we do those at least once every summer, I plan ahead and print out word puzzles, toys, activities and road trip activities too.

Have fun with this Dinosaur Word Search printable

Print this out by clicking on the image above or the link below. Your miniature palaeontologists in the making will have some fun with this. And they might learn a new word or two.

Either way, enjoy this fun Dinosaur word search printable.Printable Dinosaur Word Search

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