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Roaring Fun Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur-birthday-party-ideasTips for Throwing a Roaring Dinosaur Party

Are you hoping to throw a roaring party for your dinosaur-loving child?  Great news!  Jen Carver, party expert for Spaceships and Laser Beams, is sharing some terrific prehistoric party ideas for planning a dinosaur party your T-Rex lover will not soon forget!  Keep reading for great dinosaur party planning tips, including ideas for invitations, decorating and party food—including cool cake ideas!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas:

Sending out a creative invitation can help build up excitement. While buying a printable dinosaur themed invitation is totally cool, if time allows, you can make your own too.  How about printing party information on green construction paper and cutting it out in the shape of a dinosaur or dinosaur track?  Or, roll up the party information and insert it into a plastic Easter egg.  Label it “dino egg”.  Be sure to use clever wording when inviting guests to your nesting or stomping grounds.

Get Creative With Props

 Decorating for a dinosaur party doesn’t have to cause your bank account funds to go extinct.  Round up plants and trees (real or faux). Create vines and greenery from butcher paper for that lush, tropical feel.  Cut out dino sized footprints from cardstock, butcher paper or cardboard.  How awesome would a path of dinosaur feet leading to the party be? Add in toy dinosaurs from your child’s collection or hang dinosaur posters.  Round up some pith helmets and paleontology/archaeology tools to use as props.  These are available on many party supply websites in bulk.  Dinosaur or volcano models (commercial or handmade) can make for some pretty awesome centerpieces too!  Don’t forget to set up a dinosaur fossil dig area using either a portable sandbox or a large plastic tub filled with sand and hidden dinosaur bones.  Not only will this make a huge impact as a decoration, but it can be used for an ultra-cool activity later on during the party.  If you enjoy having guests “dress the part”, have extra pith helmets on hand to dress up junior paleontologists.  Guests dressed for the party add to the décor in an extra fun way!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Food

When it comes to planning prehistoric party food, you’ll have to dig into the creative crevices of your brain.  Ordinary food can be styled and named in such a way to double as caveman cuisine or dinosaurdessert.  For example:  Cheeseburgers = “brontosaurus burgers”, hot dogs = “dino dogs”, and condiments like ketchup can become “molten lava”.  How about purchasing Bugles brand snacks and calling them “T-Rex teeth” or “T-Rex claws”? The fun can continue with themed desserts.  Round candy such as jaw breakers can be called “dinosaur eggs” and dinosaur shaped cookie cutters can be used for rice krispy treats, sugar cookies and more!  If you’re feeling really inspired, make dinosaur bones out of piped white chocolate or meringue.  Simply place a bone template underneath a sheet of waxed paper for easy tracing.  Wow your party guests with an amazing cake!  Some ideas could include a dinosaur shaped cake, a baby dino hatching from a cake egg, or even a volcano shaped cake with red frosting lava!

Now that we’ve dug up all of these great dinosaur birthday party ideas for you, do your own excavating to create your perfect prehistoric party plan.  Your dinosaur party will have guests roaring in no time!

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