My 6 Favourite Podcasts for the Morning Commute

So, it’s been awhile since I shared a little about what I am up to these days. Six months ago I took a position as social lead at a marketing agency in Cambridge, just outside Toronto. I lead a team of talented social media professionals and I enjoy that. It’s a hybrid job which is the way of the post-pandemic world. Two days a week I drive to Cambridge, about an hour and ten minutes from my house in London, so I have time in the van and have discovered podcasts. These are 6 of my favourite podcasts to listen to in the van on the way to work. They are entertaining and educational and I think there’s a little something for everyone here.

It’s no big secret that I like to support female entrepreneurs and I am lucky enough to know and to celebrate several of them, even some I call friends. When a few of my OG blogging friends launched podcasts I was excited to take them for a test-drive. They have become my go to first choices in my spare time too often. But in the car, when I can tune into the message and tune out the dullness of the drive to work, I can enjoy using the third space to learn.

My Favourite Podcasts

What She Said with Candace Sampson

What She Said with Candace Sampson is the podcast I listen to religiously each week. When a new episode drops I am more than ready for it. Candace has a tremendously funny side, but she’s also got some pretty formidable skills at interviewing and has clearly got the right formula down. She makes my day several times a month when I tune into the segments about social justice topics I care about and want to learn more about. From experts who tackle parenting neurodiverse teens to travel experiences you’ll want to bookmark or add to your bucket list, plus the latest roundup of entertainment news and movie reviews, Candace cleverly packs the hour with information.

Chatter That Matters with Tony Chapman

This is a podcast I honestly didn’t even know about until last month and now Tony Chapman is a regular in my podcast lineup. How did I find this one? Erica Ehm often talks about Tony Chapman and I have heard her refer to him a few times on LinkedIn. I think it was the week she shared the episode featuring her sister Leslie that got me hooked because she’s genuinely fascinating and has lived many lives already and their conversation together just seemed flawless almost effortless. Chapman truly has the art of the gab. He covers fewer topics in one episode than some of the other choices on this list but that means he goes in depth with all the episodes I’ve heard so far. This one is really well done and he’s a respectful and talented interviewer also. Love that.

Want to listen? I recommend this episode of Chatter That Matters featuring educator Ken Wong.

Clearing a New Path with Shauna Rae

Last year, I was working at a small marketing agency in Zorra Township, just outside London when someone mentioned Shauna Rae’s name in the context of a conference that was being planned. Her name wasn’t entirely unknown to me so I thought I’d check her podcast out. Often the topics she covers have a rural angle and as someone who lives in London, Ontario I find that interesting. Year one was focused on rural woman-identifying non binary and queer entrepreneurs. The diversity of the topics and guests makes this one of my picks for my favourite podcasts.

My favourite episode from there recent days is this one featuring Anne Douglas.

Avery Bright Life

Lisa Thornbury and her amazing daughter Avery both do Avery Bright Life together and they tackle building independence as Avery grows. Episodes like When to Step in and When to Step Back provide great insight into how to parent a child who is not neurotypical. I love that Lisa’s lived experience is raw and honest and she never pulls any punches. She has a wicked sense of humour and shares that every episode. Her positive attitude and humorous take on life and the challenges in parenting keep me coming back. Here’s one of my favourite episodes.

Big Blend Radio

Lisa and Nancy are a mother daughter duo who share their adventures and interview travel writers, as well as industry leaders and those who somehow intersect with travel or hospitality. They have a wonderful conversational tone that I have always found charming and easy to engage with on the way to work or on a Sunday morning over coffee. They also have a ridiculous number of travel and lifestyle magazines. Full disclosure – I did one of their shows a couple of years ago. It was an episode about getting outdoors and celebrating spring break in Vermont. What makes this one of my favourite podcasts is the duo themselves to be honest. Lisa and Nancy do a spectacular job of leading a conversation and educating listeners to all the ways one can see the world.

Ten Percent Happier

This Ten Percent Happier is one that I started over a year ago, because I was looking to grow positivity and gratitude and build a stronger mindset. I mean, I think that is a goal for a lot of people. This is a social psychology kind of podcast that has a self help slant. Listen in when you need a little motivation or simply when you are in a rut.

Thinking About Starting a Podcast?

You might want to read up on getting started. Here’s an easy to read podcasting book. The Blue Yeti bundle is highly recommended by Amazon and many people I know.

This post contains affiliate links as a service to readers. Do you have any favourite podcasts. Share your favourites so I can listen too.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.

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  • Candace

    What?! This is so nice. You made my day Paula. I am so pleased to hear you like my show. It’s absolutely a labour of love for me, so it means the world to know it’s doing what I hope it will, a little education, a little laughter, a little love. Love Lisa and Tony! I’ll be sure to check out the others. Xo

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