How To Make A Do It Yourself Container Fairy Garden – Ten Easy Steps #DIY

My girls are crafty and their imaginations are always on the go especially in the summer months. One summer we spent our days blowing things up and doing science experiments in the yard. That was a lot of fun, but mostly it was hands on learning, structured to keep my kids out of trouble. (My girls are going to blow stuff up anyways, so we might as well do it right.)

At the end of the school year my oldest daughter started digging up the lawn grabbing grassy clumps of clod and flowers. She told me she intended to build a fairy garden, but at that time I put her off because I was still busy and didn’t really relish the idea of her ripping the lawn apart.

Last week we made some time to do the fairy garden right. It’s a simple craft and a lot of fun for weeks. Small amount of supervision required. But with just a few dollar store supplies and mother nature you can build a do it yourself container fairy garden together.

Do It Yourself Container Fairy Garden

1. Find a container that is suitable. We had a wicker basket we used.
2. Locate some moss in your yard. (We have had lots of moss this year.) Scrape it up or use a trowel. Help the kids with this or they might leave divots all over your yard.
3. Find some small trinkets, stones and special jewels. Send the kids on a hunt around the yard for these items: pebbles, twigs, rocks, clover, flower petals.
4. Gather some tiny doll furniture you can reuse later.
5. Buy a bag of dirt, or use some garden soil.
6. Place dirt or soil in the bottom inch or two of the container. (depends on how shallow the container is.)
7. Plant the moss in the dirt and scatter the stones around.
8. Scatter petals to make it pretty.
9. Find a long stone or piece of bark to make into a bridge or pathway for fairies.
10. Place a tiny chair or petal bed for them to sleep in.

Be creative and enjoy!
My girls love to play with Polly Pockets in this one above that we built last week.
You can have some fun as a parent and sprinkle a glitter path to the fairy garden (when they wake up they may think fairies have actually been there.)

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