iPoll – An App that Makes you Money

An App that makes you money? Tailored to your very shopping haunts? Um, yes please.

iPoll is an app that makes sense for you if you like making money. iPoll is free to download and it takes only a few moments to register and set up your profile. Then, every so often log in and check your missions. Missions can be surveys, or shopping-related tasks. Each task that you complete earns you money. Every time you log in, there is something new waiting. I got $5.19 already! Everyone gets $5 when they sign up. Click here to head directly to the screen to get $5. Just confirm your email address.

The pay out comes in cash or gift cards. Not ridiculous rewards points that take months, if not years to add up to anything substantial. You can choose. There is a minimum payout depending on what you choose for payment. For instance, if Paypal is how you wish to cash out there is a minimum balance for that to happen. Each job can range from $2 to $100. That’s a substantial payout for you, with a small amount of effort done, often at places you already visit. Your account needs to hit $35 first before you can cash out, but that’s not too cumbersome. It can take four weeks to get paid.

The jobs are spread throughout North America, and filling out your profile makes the difference. If you are detailed and open to surveys and shopping jobs, then you can earn more over time. iPoll can be used anywhere you are, and anywhere you take your phone. iPoll is a smart app that makes intelligent use of Foursquare geo-location data to send you very personal recommendations. I have noticed, however, that the number of jobs for United States residents seem to be more plentiful than those for  Canadians.

iPoll mobile is available as an app for iPhone and for Android. If you take your iPhone shopping, iPoll makes sense for you. Aside from the monetary rewards, you might also enjoy the chance to contribute feedback to products before they are launched, or to evaluate your regular shops for cleanliness and service. This app is a natural partner for Foursquare lovers like me.


Some people might recognize iPoll from its previous incarnation as Survey Head. You probably won’t get rich using an app like iPoll, but at the same time it is a sensible way to add to your income.

This is a sponsored post. I received payment for this post. My opinion is 100% my own.

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