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Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Teething Jewelry and Sensory Tools

Most Moms like choices. I am no different that way: I am all about choices and options and being able to make the best and smartest products and brands available to my family and to me extended family of friends here on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook. When I find a product I like I have to share. Dr. Bloom’s chewable jewels are worth sharing. Most who know me also know that I have a daughter with sensory issues and some special needs. This is my daughter Ainsley (seen above). She has sensory processing disorder and a number of other assets and challenges. She is also a chewer. Before we figured out what was going on with her she chewed on everything and she bit, sometimes out of frustration. That was not unlike a lot of children with SPD or FASD or even anxiety and autism. It was news to me when I discovered that chewing is an organizing activity. So we have found ways and items and products like chewelry for my daughter. Kid companions are great. They are chewable necklaces safely designed by a Canadian for kids with sensory issues. Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels were designed by an American mother and dentist for teething tots and nursing Moms. Their line of jewelry and accessories includes: necklaces, bracelets, key chains and gift sets. (Love the cute gift set for Mom and baby that includes a Onesie that says Chew On This!)

Dr. Bloom’s chewable jewels for teethers. But also excellent for kids with sensory issues.
All of these items are lead free, Phlalate free and PVC free. They are also BPA free and dishwasher safe. Washable and easy to use. They are also dentist certified and endorsed.

Last Friday we were sent the necklace and bracelet show above in a lilac colour. My daughter Ainsley immediately used it and hasn’t stopped chewing on the necklace. When we were out watching my daughter Payton’s performance the other day in a room that was noisy and filled with distractions Ainsley chewed madly on the necklace and bracelet. Unfortunately she lost the bracelet already. But we have found both items to be really useful, durable, safe and affordable. I love the necklaces. They look just like cute jewelry, not teething products and not special needs devices. They are also comparable to other products like this, in price. $17.95 for the bracelet and necklace set like the one I received. I highly recommend Dr. Bloom’s chewable jewels. Dr. Bloom Inc was incorporated in 2003 by three female entrepreneurs and mothers. Dr. Helen Bloom Smith is a dentist and mother from Birmingham, Alabama who developed the jewels. These are a great resource for teething children, mothers and parents of children with special needs. Because we have already lost one bracelet and my daughter really liked them and hasn’t destroyed them yet, I will be ordering more soon. Dr. Bloom’s chewable jewels are also latex free.

Circle Slide necklace in plum

Thriftymommastips rating is $$$$ out of $$$$$

I received a bracelet and necklace for free from Dr. Bloom. This in no way impacted my opinion.

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  • Esther Litchfield-Fink

    thanks for the info. my daughter also has some sensory issues and chews, bites everything. I got her something from Infantino which is a strawberry or grape that buzzes when chewed on. She isn’t crazy about it but does use it.