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Who says last minute gifts and teacher presents can’t also be meaningful gifts? With World Vision Canada’s gift catalogue, last minute shoppers can still finish their shopping easily. Last year we gifted several items from the World Vision Canada holiday gift catalogue. We opted to give these impactful holiday gifts to friends and family members, and we found most of our teacher gifts there too. It’s a great solution to the question – what do I get for someone who doesn’t really need anything? Charitable gifts from the catalogue are straight from the heart and that matters more than ever this time of year.

Here are five easy and fast last minute gift ideas from World Vision Canada’s Holiday gift catalogue. These are impactful. These World Vision Canada last minute holiday gifts will make your child happy and they will make him or her proud to give. These Meaningful Gifts quite simply also make the world a better place. Need proof? Read my series of World Vision Canada travel posts from last year about the impact in communities throughout Colombia. The series is at the bottom of this post.

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Five Last Minute Teacher Holiday Gifts:

  1. Gift of Giving Cards: You choose the amount and the recipient is able to visit the World Vision Canada web site and pick something that matters to them personally. Every year we give these to family friends. Last year we gave one to my daughter’s teacher and a support staff teacher at her school. Last year I received one as well and I really loved being able to choose the item that resonated with me.
  2. Textbooks: There’s still plenty of time to gift this to your child’s teacher. You can easily specify which gift you have chosen with a message inside a personal card, or you might simply send the E-CARD that is an option if you are running really late on this one. Textbooks for a classroom are $30 and obviously this one would speak to a teacher because of its educational impact. Textbooks for children multiply four times in value.
  3.  Soccer balls: I have seen this one and the dramatic impact the soccer balls can make on a child’s future. It still amazes me how impactful this gift is. I gave these last year to two of my friends and also to one of the girl’s teachers. I remembered that her teacher mentioned once how when he was a child he dreamed of being a soccer player. I figured that might resonate and the opportunity to build a love of sports in children who might not have access to sports otherwise, just gives you a really great feeling.
  4. Supply a Classroom for $50. It’s amazing to me even still that this small amount can make such a change in classrooms around the world. This gift also multiplies in value.
  5. Educate a Child for $60 – give this one to the school as a whole and cover the entire group of teachers and staff members. Consider this – To thank you this year I an giving a child a chance at an education in an area of the world where poverty is a threat. I am partnering with World Vision Canada to help make the world a better place for all children, just as teachers here at home do every day. Thank you for making the classroom a safe and inspiring space for my children.

There are countless options available in the gift catalogue. All of the beautiful gifts give back and matter to someone directly. World Vision had the first ever charitable alternative gift giving catalogue in Canada. Many of these meaningful gifts change lives. There’s still time to give some of these to someone who matters to you.

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