Easy Mother’s Day Seed Packets to Give

Happy Mother’s Day! Our second pandemic Mother’s Day! So very tired of this pandemic life and pandemic parenting but at the same time it is what it is and can’t change it right now, can we? So I am again looking for easy ways to pass the time and affordable small Mother’s Day gifts that I can share with you.

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Happy Mother’s Day

I don’t know about world peace so much these days, but I’ll settle for peace in my home, amongst my kids mostly. In fact, this year, while I genuinely love flowers, plants and jewelry, for Mother’s Day, I would be happiest with the gift of peace in my home. I’m sure a few of you can empathize. Pandemic, online schooling, spring fever…whatever the cause, my kids have been irritable and fighting more than usual. While we started the pandemic strong mostly, the kids have quickly grown tired of this constant in their young lives and that has meant more anxiety, depression and general irritability. Who do they take that out on? Each other and us, of course.

So, this Mother’s Day, I plan to ask for the gift of peace. One day. NO arguing allowed.

Hopefully you all have a special day ahead too, whether that’s breakfast in bed, a spa day at home, or simply a peaceful afternoon with no arguments. 

This time of year also always reminds me of planting and gardening and making things prettier outdoors. So, wildflowers and gardens are not a hard sell at all for this gal.

That’s how I came up with this cute little easy printable that your kids can use to wrap around some seed packages and give as gifts. Or add to a gift basket.

Recommended Supplies

Are your kids also making Mother’s Day cards or colourful artwork? Then don’t forget to get these:

Check out these Crayola pencil crayons to use when doing any of my colouring activities. They are our favourites.

Don’t forget to visit my Pinterest Free Printables board. It is stacked with fun colouring pages and activities that are also free for you to enjoy. Oh and don’t miss the Spring Colouring Page Printable for kids. It has a ton of content there that is free. Just remember these are meant for your personal use and not for republication.

Here’s How to Use These:

This Mother’s Day Seed Packets DIY Gift is super simple to get. Click on the download link below and print it out. Cut the images and seed wrap arounds out. Tape the edges with transparent tape and don’t forget to add in what type of seeds they are, so Mom knows what she is planting.

Mother’s Day Seed Packets

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