alternative eco-gift guide

The Alternative Eco-Gift Guide

The Alternative Eco-Gift Guide is here to help you make an impact this season. And to help you think about impactful ways to give while keeping the environment top of mind too.

If you know me at all then you know I support many initiatives, charities and causes that make the world a better place, or just try to make it a better place. Not everyone wants or needs a massive expensive Christmas present. Eco-Conscious friends and family members would much rather you gifted something eco-friendly or long-lasting.

alternative eco-gift guide

The Alternative Eco-Gift Guide

A lot of people are becoming more aware that they have a role to play in fighting climate change but they often aren’t sure where to start. The options I’ve included below in my Alternative Eco-Friendly Gift Guide are really unusual, but effective ideas, which will have a real impact. So, if you are searching for a way to give your eco-conscious relative or friend a gift that helps the environment consider one, or more, of these:

For Your Cycling Friends, or For You:

·         An annual bike share membership – (programs exist in Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto) I love this idea!

·         Book an electric vehicle test drive – electric vehicles produce up to 90% less emissions than gas cars

For Your Home or Your Parents:

·         Book in an appointment for a smart thermostat – smart thermostats save money and energy at home by monitoring and regulating the temperature for you.   (FYI we have a smart thermostat and it’s one of the best things we have done here and simple too). Or buy one as a family gift. If my Mom or my in laws were still around I’d buy a smart thermostat for them and book an appointment to get one installed.

·         Plan a home energy audit to help find the areas of your home that could be more energy efficient. This is a good New Year’s goal as well. Did you know there are rebates and incentives to update to more eco-friendly energy efficient systems in your home? And there are many also for small businesses.

For That Person Who Has Everything They Need, or The Friend Who is SUPER Committed to Giving Back:

·         Buy some carbon offsetting, e.g. Less Emissions, Carbon Zero, or OffSetters.

·         Shares in a solar power community or solar farm, e.g. Solar Share

·         Portable solar panels, or solar chargers for phones or other devices. I happen to love this idea. My older daughter has a solar charger for her smart phone. Love it. They can be found and they are great gifts.

n Alternative Eco-Gift Guide

The Alternative Eco-Gift Guide Makes a Genuine Impact or a Start

Make a genuine impact, or even just a start on the journey to become more eco-friendly. These ideas are, for some of you, a place to begin making a change. For others, they are a part of the ongoing commitment to build a better environment and protect the one we have. Either way consider giving. To learn more consider becoming a climate defender and visit:

This post has been sponsored by Environmental Defence Canada. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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