The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Entrepreneurs

I received the Epson 3 in 1 home office all-in-one printer for consideration here.

Listen, when you spend as much time in your home office as I do the tools that you have MUST make life easier. I love my home office. It is one of the biggest reasons we bought this house. It was the feature that caught my eye first immediately on viewing our home.

And yet…as much as I love my home office I’d rather not spend an extra second more than I have to in it. Because swimming, skiing and travel make me way happier than working inside an office and I’d rather be outdoors any time of year which is why I am loving my new Epson home office all-in-one printer.

A Home Office all-in-one Printer That Works

So, back to the tools. My computer, shine, camera, printer and scanner are all vital elements necessary for me running a business. The computer needs an upgrade soon. Because it’s old. I bought it in 2012 when I launched my writing, communications and social media consulting business. But it is now slowing me down and it’s time. And my printer, well I let that baby slide long enough. It was time to upgrade. So, thankfully now I have a new home office all-in-one printer saving me time and making me look good.

Epson Premium XP-7100 is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms who are entrepreneurs. With the Epson Premium XP-7100 home office all-in-one printer (Small in one), I’m able to do everything I need to do for my business as well as my personal life.

It was a welcome change for me because my old printer was a bit of a fail. It was small and wireless, however the wireless capability died long ago, and it was very unreliable in general. I was happy to be able to finally replace it with something that works well.


Epson Premium XP-7100 Does It All

Whatever I need to do for my business or home life, I can do it with this machine. It’s an all-in-one that works well, connects easily, and doesn’t take up a ton of space. In fact, Epson calls it a small-in-one, and it mostly is. This little powerhouse can print, copy, and scan without being big and bulky. It also boasts voice command capability which I am crazy stoked about trying. FUN!! Hey Google print my travel tickets. Thanks!

Family Printing Emergency Test #1

Picture this: Literally this morning after a week of me being sick, my husband woke me up to say: Payton needs your help printing something. YAWNS. Unimpressed with either of these two family members at 6 a.m. Note – I only set up my printer/ scanner fully Sunday and Monday. It is Tuesday and I had not shown either of these two how to use the new Epson.


Homework Drama Solved

I have two high school students and everything they do is computer based obviously. They submit all assignments on line to teachers and they each have their own computers and smartphones.

BUT still things have to be printed and submitted in person often too. So, when I woke up to a printing emergency this morning because daughter was up too late doing homework last night I showed her what to do with the Epson Premium XP-7100.

For about ten minutes late last night she struggled trying to connect with my old outdated printer and then I demonstrated how simple her computer connects wirelessly with the new Epson home office all-in-one printer. Her computer located the printer quickly and printed wirelessly and efficiently. Homework printed and ready to submit in person.


Happy Dances All Around

It’s funny how happy that made her, because she worries over late assignments and things like that. And everyone knows that when kids are happy Mom is happy and vice versa. Frankly we had been so used to our old printer, which never really performed well, that this was a breath of fresh air. SO Happy Days ahead with this Epson XP-7100 simplifying the homework situation for the teens in my home and therefore taking a bit of work away from me.

Epson Premium XP-7100 Specs

I’ve told you why I was excited to get this home office all-in-one printer and a bit about why it’s a worthy new addition to my office. Here are a few of the specs.

  • 5-color ink for superior photo quality
  • 30-page ADF and auto 2-sided print/copy/scan
  • Supports specialty paper, DVDs; borderless up to 8″x10″
  • 4.3″ touchscreen (you will love this. I do)
  • Built-in USB/card slots
  • Easy mobile printing using app
  • Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct or Ethernet

A Great Mother’s Day Gift

If someone wanted to give me tech as a birthday present or a Mother’s Day gift I’d be ecstatic actually. Tech gifts are some of my favourites. Tech gifts like this Epson Premium XP-7100 series home office all-in-one printer make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any entrepreneur.

Technology Makes a Great Gift

A printer/ scanner for Mother’s Day? Come on, Paula… I know you are still thinking who would give their Mom a printer or scanner/ copier all in one for Mother’s Day? Well, this gal would.

Here’s why…..

Family Printing/ Scanning Test #2

May is a month of chaos at high school because everything is adding up and assignments and exams and prom and a school year are all winding down. Plus we have graduation and prom and a martial arts grading coming up!! I can barely keep up.

On Sunday morning, while out of the house at a martial arts tournament, we checked one daughter’s email. In fact an email had come in Friday night late that said she was hired for a summer camp job. HURRAY. But we read it Sunday and were away from home. Papers due back Monday morning. There were tax papers and more to fill out fast, then scan into my computer before sending.

Problem, What Problem?

SO, without a second to lose we printed the attachments, filled them out together (listen most kids still need help with tax forms), accepted the job offer and scanned filled out forms into my computer, before emailing them back. WHEW!!

Saving Time and Gas Money

As with any new technology, making this home office all-in-one printer work with existing computers meant that we needed to download new drivers and also add an app on my phone for remote printing and scanning.

I have not mastered the remote scanning perfectly yet, but I will have it figured out by Mother’s Day. AND having a copier of my own is GOLD. GOLD. I am copying contracts right now as I write this post. Multi-tasking for the win! Just a week or two ago if I needed something copied I had to drive to Staples and pay 10 cents a sheet.

In my office with Ainsley.

Mother’s Day Gifts Should be Awesome

Mother’s Day gifts should be awesome and thoughtful. I feel like that’s a given, right? This Epson Premium XP-7100 ticks both of those boxes for me. Perfect for the business mom. In fact, it’s perfect for any mom. We are OFTEN the ones who are responsible for printing calendars, homework, and business documents. Having a durable, easy to use home office all-in-one printer makes our job easier.

If you’re looking for a great Mother’s Day gift this year, I highly recommend this Epson Premium XP-7100 home office all-in-one printer. It’s a time saver and a great printer, scanner and copier in one.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.