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End Bad Hair Days With Living Proof Hair Products #Curl411

Living Proof Hair Products
Living Proof Hair Products

Good hair days don’t have to be few and far between.

It’s no secret that this winter was hard on my hair. I tweeted about it often enough, and I think most of you have already heard me ranting about dry winter hair. I am a curly-haired woman, some days more waves than curls, and that’s alright by me. When I was little and the curls were always tangly and dry, well I was not so much a fan of my curly hair. I would have traded it for the short dark shiny straight Snow White hair my BFF Sheila had. Her hair was No fuss. It was always sporty and clean and neat and she looked like a skater. I had dishevelled curls, prone to cow licks and sometimes very immature ringlets. We always want what we do not have, right? I was in my teens before I realized I had nice hair. I was actually heading out to get a spiral perm one day when I realized I was wasting my money. I had all the curl I needed but I just hadn’t found the right products to tame my hair. At some point in my teens I discovered conditioner and mousse and let’s just say my love affair with hair products was ignited. Over the years I have made peace with my curly hair. In fact I love my hair. It might be my favourite physical feature. So when my hair suffers, I am not happy. When I have a great hair day that makes me ecstatic!

Living Proof makes great hair days possible
Living Proof makes great hair days possible

This winter and this fall I had a mess of not great hair days. But then out of the blue Living Proof hair products arrived for curly hair! I was eager to try them and my hair was thirsty for a change too. So, here’s what I have to say about Living Proof. The products themselves are tailored toward curly hair. To be clear there are several lines. I have seen one for straight hair too, but the one I got was just for me. I started with the Living Proof curl conditioning wash and noticed immediately there’s a huge difference here. The Living Proof curl conditioning wash doesn’t lather at all. It is also sulfate free. In fact none of the products lather, so that takes a bit of getting used to. The curl conditioning wash looks like conditioner, so much so that I doubled checked that I was following the instructions twice in the past month. It feels like conditioner and is opaque. Interesting, right? It’s really a two in one product and it doesn’t strip the moisture from your hair. I followed that up with the curl detangling rinse. The rinse is a clear product that looks like shampoo. So you can see why I did a double take. I tend to need a lot of conditioner and a lot of detangler. I was happy that this product tackled both. The detangler is water activated and it seems to work pretty well.

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This is the first photo of me the first time I ever used Living Proof.

Gentle towel pat to get some of the water out of my hair and then I added a bit of curl enhancing styling mousse and curl defining styling cream. This picture is the shot of me the first time I used this brand and this combination of products. I LOVED the definition in my curls. You can easily see that there are no tangles either. That’s a dramatic result for me. I also love that when I use Living Proof I can see the highlights in my hair. Some products seem to work against highlights and lowlights in hair as if they leave a dull sheen over top. I found that Living Proof seems to clarify and work well with my natural hair. In fact Living Proof Hair Products enhance my hair and they don’t seem to leave that residue that makes hair look dull and lifeless.

[tweetthis]Living Proof Hair Products enhance my hair and they don’t seem to leave that residue that makes hair look dull and lifeless.[/tweetthis]

Living Proof hair products are based on science. Stylists and biotech scientists worked in their labs to challenge conventional hair beauty problems. They invented and patented new molecules that change the way hair behaves. Jennifer Aniston is co-owner and spokesmodel for the company.

I have been using these for several weeks now and I have found good results. Sometimes the results are dramatic. What I will say though is that I discovered skiing this winter and loved that, but Living Proof did not stand up to helmet head. The tangles in my hair after sweating on the slopes in Tremblant were no match for any shampoo/ conditioner/ detangler combo. So maybe Living Proof also needs a workout line?

Living Proof Hair Products
Living Proof Hair Products

I have also used the leave in conditioner. I often use a leave in conditioner product. This Living Proof Hair Products leave in conditioner works well and has added frizz protection. Apply to clean wet hair from root to tip. The No Frizz Leave In Conditioner is one of my favourite parts of this line. I tend to need that final addition to the hair routine to fix the frizz.

[tweetthis]Living Proof Hair Products leave in conditioner works well and has added frizz protection.[/tweetthis]

Spring is a high humidity season so I plan to keep using and experimenting with these products, sold in hair salons, for a bit longer. I want to see if Living Proof Hair Products can really tackle the rainy months. Curly hair is really reactive to weather in my opinion so rainy wet weather tends to either leave my hair frizzy and out of control or flat and lifeless. In the rainy weather styling my hair can be extremely hard. If anything works, I suspect it will be Living Proof Hair Products. I am pretty impressed so far.

I received product but was under no obligation to write anything at all. This is my honest opinion.

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  • Christi from

    It really did make your curls look softer and shinier. I need something like this for my hair. I have thick, wavy hair that looks great longer but now that I have been wearing it shorter, it doesn’t look so great. Great review, I will check this out. Thanks.

  • Jenny

    lol my hair looks like poo when I blow dry it, so now I’ve just been going to bed with it wet and wake up with wavey curls.

  • christina aliperti

    Your hair looks great! I have a lot of damage from bleaching and thyroid problems. My hair is always dry and frizzy. I would love to try this line of products.

  • (Miranda)Myrabev

    It is always awesome when we get a product that actually works for us and does what it says on the tin. I have afro hair which has never seemed to grow past my shoulders and when I was young I wanted ‘white people’ hair because it just looked so easy to manage compared to an afro but we gat to appreciate what we have and work with it

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I love your curls, I have always wanted a curly hair but I have a dark straight hair. I always admire ladies with curly hair, I think they look beautiful! This sounds like a great product line, perfect for you guys who have natural curls! I wouldn’t mind using it in my straight hair even.

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    These Living Proof products really did make your natural waves and curls look great. I’ve never heard of the brand before and I wonder if they’re available here in Ireland. It’s always great when products have added frizz protection in there too 🙂