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Microsoft Summit on 21st Century Learners – EVENT in Windsor, Ontario, April 11 Geared Towards Teachers


When I see educational opportunities like this Microsoft Summit on 21st Century Learners happening nearby in Windsor, Ontario I get excited, for several reasons. I am a parent of two children who are still in grade school. Digital kids. I arm both of my girls daily with technology at home and at school and I am abundantly aware of how they absorb media and how they learn. It’s radically different than how I learned 20 to 30 years ago.  Only 20 to 30 years ago we trotted off to school with books and pencils and paper. Now kids carry tablets, iPhones, iPods and sometimes laptops too – technology that for the most part wasn’t even close to invented until this decade! When I spy brilliant events like the Microsoft Summit on 21st Century Learners (happening this Saturday in Windsor) I  also wish I could sit in on this type of educational opportunity just to be inspired about the future of learning, the emerging and evolving economy, and the ways in which digital learners will carve out their space, forging brilliant new paths where we might not even be able to imagine them yet. Five years ago my job did not exist. Social media marketing consultant and professional blogger was not even a term. The future is boundless. The potential for kids to build amazing paths and creative jobs and businesses is stunning. But the challenge is the now. How do we get the students and the teachers of today ready to negotiate the environment of tomorrow?

Microsoft has some thoughts about that and has a beautiful, inexpensive opportunity this weekend in Windsor that will help teachers guide 21st century learners along the way. Gamification!!?? Well, that topic alone would make me drop everything and run to the summit. But you need to register first. Details below.

Microsoft Summit on 21st Century Learners:

Read more about why you should attend:

GET HANDS-ON! Have fun and participate as we demo how collaboration and sharing comes alive with Microsoft technology and devices. Explore the unique benefits of OneNote to collaborate and track student portfolios, deliver innovative math and science lessons using pen inputs, and learn the benefits of the complete Microsoft suite of tools that can deliver what no one else can. In addition, join Desire2Learn who will share best practices for online learning.

COLLABORATE WITH YOUR PEERS! We will poll the audience and host teacher-driven round tables discussions focusing on topics such as Gamification, Advanced O365 and Collaboration.

FEES: Only $25/person for a full day of fun and learning. Lunch included.
PLEASE NOTE: your registration is not complete until payment has been received. Please click the link below to pay securely via PayPal.

There is also a special speaker who jumped right off the page at me when I noted his topic matter that hits upon learning differences and indicates he has a background dealing with ADHD and LD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities.) Learnstyle CEO DJ Cunningham will talk about his experience with ADHD and LDs and he will also discuss the importance of technology to the lives of 21st century learners. There are so many ways technology is changing the lives of kids with special needs inside educational systems. Both of my girls require and use technology as part of their school experience. I see technology opening doors and paths to learning and that is such a blessing and a necessity for kids like mine. From using technology to simply take a picture of the homework board, to using a calendar app to track assignments and special days at school, digital tools are so very useful to kids of all abilities. Technology is a gift to every child and every teacher and it can expand the potential for learning and creating inspired learners in your classroom. This is a brilliant and inexpensive chance to build your classroom technology skills.

Microsoft Summit on 21st Century Learners:

APRIL 11th 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Microsoft Summit

St. Clair College – Centre for the Arts Building

201 Riverside Dr. W – WINDSOR

$25 fee and you need to register here or click on one of the links above: Microsoft Summit Registry.

This event is geared towards teachers BUT is also open to the public (recommended age of 20 and up.)

This is a sponsored conversation which means I was compensated to share this, but as you might be able to tell I am enthusiastic about learning opportunities for children and teachers. This is an event you should not miss if you are a teacher. My opinion is all my own and always truthful.

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