free Santa coloring page

Free Printable Santa Coloring Page

I don’t know about you, but my kids are forever coming in from school and asking for free printables off the Internet. So, in the interest of keeping them happy and occupied, I often google free printables after they get in and end up trying to locate something cute and age appropriate for them to do. This time of year, as we decorate and trudge through snow and start gearing up for the holiday season everyone is a little more stressed, a little more excitable anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive. I need things my kids can do quietly. I have also always found that coloring is a way to unwind. It’s a great ice breaker and a creative calm quiet task that helps with transitions too. Little known fact – coloring is a brilliant tool for kids with anxiety and/ or special needs. So I have a gift for you today – a Free Printable Santa Coloring Page.

At this time of year I will take any help I can get. And free printables are just the thing. Now if only I could find a speedy mendala printable site I’d be ecstatic. My oldest daughter loves those. She finds them relaxing. I am sharing a weekly printable coloring page so that everyone can keep their kids occupied and find free activities here.

To use you can either right click and download the picture above or click through to the PDF link and print this Free Printable Santa Coloring Page out.


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