Limeapple Girls Clothing: Twelve Days of Christmas Sale

Ainsley is wearing the Camilla top and leopard leggings

Limeapple makes the cutest athletic clothing and girl’s fashions

Today my daughter’s school held a cabaret concert. My youngest joined the choir this year which is a big deal because she’s never been interested in singing or music. She’s the girl who runs and swims, rides horses and dives, and kicks and does martial arts. She’s my sporty girl, always on the move, so forgive me if we were shocked, but pleasantly so when we she signed up for choir. Choir? Yes, choir. And when she managed to stick with it, we were quietly supportive. Last year music was a big challenge. At the end of the day music was the last thing on Ainsley’s mind and she often ended up missing class because the noise was too much and she was too tired. Plus learning an instrument can be difficult. This girl’s tolerance for frustration is low, let’s just say.

So what does girls clothing have to do with any of this? Well, a lot actually. The right outfit can give you confidence. Clothing can make you comfortable or warm, itchy, or irritated. Good material and design supports you no matter what you do. It helps you to do your job, to get noticed. A new outfit can be a celebration. Limeapple girls clothing knows that. Limeapple makes pretty clothing that is colourful and bright. This outfit moves with my daughter. Limeapple girls clothing helped her to feel confident and participate fully tonight. Limeapple is quality clothing made with soft materials that you might not even notice unless you have sensory processing disorder. These clothes don’t aggravate a child with sensory processing disorder. I can’t wait to see how this line of girls clothing performs over time with my active kids. I think their jackets and yoga pants are high quality and they remind of an adult line I wear often. Happily the Limeapple kids clothing is much less expensive than mine.




Find out for yourself when you order Limeapple for Christmas. Right now Limeapple has numerous items on sale in their Twelve Days of Christmas sale. Thursday is cruise wear. Today (Friday) is up to 50 % off anything pink. Saturday is up to 30 % off any bubble hoodies.

girls clothing
Limeapple girls clothing moves with you and doesn’t cost a bundle.

This is the list of great deals available for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Dec 1- All dresses

Dec 2 – Bubble Pant Sets

Dec 3 – Lined Hoodies

Dec 4- Swimsuits for Cruisewear

Dec 5 – Anything Pink

Dec 6 – Bubble Hoodies

Dec 7 – Sweatshirts

Dec 8 – Activewear Jackets and pants

Dec 9 – Dancewear

Dec 10 – Anything Blue

Dec 11 –  All Bubble Items

Dec 12 – All Baby items

I can’t even begin to describe how cute and soft the girls bubble hoodies are. Buy one when they are on sale. Your girls will love them.

I am currently working with Limeapple as a brand ambassador. My opinion is all my own.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.