Friday Finds – Last Weekend of Western Fair

Friday this week has a lot of potential.
If you haven’t been to the Western Fair yet, then time is running out. Get there this weekend or wait another full year.
Also Doors Open London: Yeah! I am actually really excited about this event. It is the weekend of the year when several interesting buildings and hotspots throw their doors open. FOR FrEE! Not for nothing the lovely little Alzheimer`s London building on Windermere is one of the sites. It is fast becoming a great resource for us. I suggest if you have a loved one that is a senior it might be worth seeing what they offer. The future sometimes crops up faster than you think – as we have learned this summer – so it doesn`t hurt to know what might be available. Also adore the Aeolian Hall. If you haven`t been in the Aeolian Music Hall on Dundas, then it is time to see what they offer.
Don`t forget the car free festival on Dundas Street.  Dundas Street from Ridout to Wellington because there will be events happening on the street itself. Fun for those who walk, but if you need to drive somewhere downtown you may want to remember not to go near those streets.
BTW: This is a function or event that actually is duplicated in many communities throughout Ontario. So if you are visiting thriftymommastips, from outside London check your own community. Great chance to explore heritage themes and heritage buildings and celebrate the culture and architecture of your city.
And now for the sales:
Children`s Place has redeem the cash event. For those of you who don`t know, the cash at Children`s Place is much like the Gymbucks of old. So use them now and reduce the price of the clothing at the checkout. They expire on the 22nd.
Old Navy: has some $5 baby items on sale.
Now if only I could figure out the rumour about Toys R Us…trust me I am working on it.

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