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Furnace Maintenance – 5 Reasons to Have Your Furnace Checked Today #RelianceHomeComfort

Furnace maintenance is a big deal. We all know the role that our furnace plays in the winter. It keeps us warm! However, did you know that your furnace plays a major role in your summer comfort as well? Your furnace is what drives all the wonderfully cold air through your home on a hot, summer day. Furnace maintenance is important because it ensures that both your heat and AC function properly year round.


Furnace Maintenance is More Than Fixing Problems

This month I took a morning to let the people from Reliance Home Comfort to check my furnace, my air conditioner and the plumbing in my home too. Why would I be concerned about that in July? Well, your furnace and Air conditioner or central air unit are likely to be one of the biggest expenses in your home if anything goes wrong, so it pays to be preventative. Have both checked seasonally to ensure they are in good working order before a disaster strikes. The last thing you want is lack of climate control on a sweltering summer day or a frigid winter night! Read on for five important reasons that a furnace check is a must.

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Peace of Mind

To begin with, having  your furnace checked ensures that your furnace is always in tip-top shape, and if it isn’t, it can be repaired before a disastrous failure. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the peace of mind of knowing that I’ll always be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some of you know we moved into this house about 2 1/2 years ago now. Honestly we are still getting to know some of the quirks about our home. So when the Reliance Home Comfort service technicians came in I paid close attention and they gave me some insight into a few details I did not know about our house. For instance, I know now that our furnace is builder’s grade and it’s 11 years old. There are much newer ones that are WAY more efficient. (One more thing to save for!)

Cost Effectiveness

Another huge perk of furnace maintenance is the cost effectiveness of it. It’s much cheaper to repair a small problem detected early by a technician than it is to remedy a huge problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the bill, and the longer you’ll go without heating or cooling. When the Reliance Home Comfort technician went through our home he immediately found a switch that wasn’t functioning well on the furnace. He repaired it immediately and showed me what that would have meant in January or February. Essentially that would have been a broken switch and a furnace that failed in January or February. That quick catch alone was worth the time and effort. I am not interested in emergency calls about furnaces while my family freezes in the winter months. NICE catch Reliance Home Comfort!

A Longer Furnace Life

Proper furnace maintenance can keep your furnace in good working order for a longer period of time. Just like a car or any other mechanical device, furnaces last longer when they get regular inspections and tune ups.

A More Efficient Furnace

This ties in with cost effectiveness. You’d be surprised how long a furnace can work even when it’s practically dead. BUT… just because it CAN work doesn’t mean it SHOULD work. A furnace that’s on its last legs or in need of repair may move air. It may even heat it and cool it. But the amount of work it has to do to get the job done is costing you money.

A Healthier Home

Furnace maintenance and inspections can reveal more than mechanical problems. They can let you know if your furnace needs a good cleaning. Furnaces get dirty just like everything else. The difference is a dirty furnace (along with dirty duct work) drastically decreases the air quality in your home. Sad but true I am guilty of having to be told to switch the furnace filter! I could have sworn that I just did that, but time flies and that was another lesson learned. Write the date you switched the filter out on the side of your filter when you change it.

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Furnace Maintenance Made Easy and Affordable with Reliance

Reliance Home Comfort is Canada’s trusted source for air quality and HVAC solutions, and they have been for years. Their extensive knowledge, quality workmanship, and attention to detail make them the perfect choice for all your furnace maintenance and repair needs.

Reliance offers both summer and winter furnace maintenance services which include:

  • Furnace Tune-up: Preventative furnace maintenance for continued good working order.
  • Major Component Inspection: A Reliance technician will inspect all major furnace components including gas valve, igniter, heat exchanger, and vent motor.
  • CO Level Measurement: Technicians measure CO levels inside the home as well as in the furnace exhaust to ensure home safety.
  • Air Conditions Tune-up: Preventive AC maintenance for continued good working order.
  • Coil and Condenser Inspection: Technicians inspect evaporator coil as well as outdoor condenser unit to ensure proper function.
  • Drain Inspection: Technicians inspect condensate drain for any clogs and ensure that it is free of debris and dirt or mold.
  • Blower Motor Inspection: Technicians inspect the blower motor to ensure that it is clean and in good working order so it can keep CLEANLY circulating air throughout the home.
  • Ask about Home Reliance’s service packages when they visit. The service package could give you peace of mind.

Win Your Own Furnace Maintenance Visit from Reliance

Right now, Reliance is offering a Summer Maintenance Check including a 21 point furnace and air-conditioner tune-up to one of my lucky readers in London, ONTARIO and surrounding area. It’s a $198 value, and one of you will get it for free. I received a full home inspection and other perks in exchange for this post. My opinion is all my own.

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