Getting Rid of Fruit Flies – 6 Natural Approaches

Getting rid of fruit flies. If you have a kitchen, then chances are, you’ve Googled this. These pesky little critters can come into your home via a bad piece of fruit you got at the store or even just follow you in when you open the door. Fear not! Getting rid of fruit flies is easier than you think.

Close up new born fruit fly in studio
Close up new born fruit fly in studio

6 Tips on Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

Getting rid of fruit flies naturally is better for you, your family, and the environment Rather than putting out baits, trying sprays, or calling a pest control service, simply follow these tips, and you can go about getting rid of fruit flies naturally and on the cheap.

Keep it Clean

Getting rid of fruit flies is best done by never getting them in the first place. If you read my article about getting rid of ants, then you’re going to see a recurring them here: keeping the kitchen clean. I’m not saying you must live in a sty to attract bugs. It doesn’t take much to get their attention.


To keep fruit flies away:

  • Clean up sticky messes immediately
  • Keep a close eye on your fruit and throw out any bad fruit
  • Keep counters wiped down

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Fruit flies eat rotten fruit, so apple cider vinegar makes the perfect bait for them. The tangy sweetness of the apple cider vinegar mimics fruit that is overripe or rotten. To make a fruit fly trap, simply remove the cap from an apple cider vinegar bottle – you only need a little in the bottle – and secure plastic wrap over the opening with a rubber band. Poke a small hole in the plastic wrap and set the whole thing on the counter. The fruit flies go in, but the can’t get out.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Dish Soap

Some of the fruit flies escaping your trap? Simply put cider vinegar in a bowl and add three to four drops of dish soap. The soap reduces surface tension, so when the fruit flies land on the water, they sink and drown.

Red Wine

This is one method of getting rid of fruit flies that just makes sense. After all, what is wine at its most basic form but fruit juice? Simply use the plastic wrap method I mentioned earlier with the apple cider vinegar. The red wine attracts the fruit flies, and the plastic wrap keeps them from escaping.

Milk, Sugar, and Pepper

Another method of getting rid of fruit flies is mixing one pint of milk, four ounces of raw sugar, and two ounce of ground pepper in a sauce pan and simmering it for ten minutes. Pour the mixture into a shallow dish where you have fruit flies. The mixture will attract the fruit flies, and they will drown in it.

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Fruit Trap

This is another effective method of getting rid of fruit flies. To do this, you’ll need an 8 x 10 piece of paper, a clean jar, and a piece of ripe fruit like banana or peach. Fold the paper into a cone with a very tight opening at one end and tape it in place. Then place a piece of banana or peach in the bottom of your jar and set the paper cone in the opening of the jar. The fruit flies can get in, but they can’t get out. After you’ve captured all the flies, release them outside, and they’ll go about their merry way.

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies CAN be Done

Getting rid of fruit flies can be difficult, but if you’re patient, you can get rid of the little monsters without the use of chemicals. Any of these methods are effective for getting rid of fruit flies. If you have a fruit fly issue, give these a try.

Let me know how they worked for you in the comments below.

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  • Toughcookiemommy

    I hate fruit flies! A few years ago, my husband left potatoes under the sink without telling me and they rotted. We were infested with fruit flies for a week until I figured out what was attracting them.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    We go through fruit like wildfire, so we very rarely get fruit flies because the fruit is never in the house long enough. If we ever do, I will try these.

  • Mama to 5 BLessings

    I learned this the hard way. Last year I left bananas on my kitchen counter and did not realize how ripe they were and I got fruit flies and could not get rid of them until I tried vinegar in a bowl.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thank you for these tips. Fruit flies can be so annoying. I think the best way to get rid of them is to eat up all your fruit and throw them out or make them into smoothies before they rot. We can outsmart those fruit flies anytime!

  • Pam

    I have never had a problem with fruit flies where I live but I have read a lot of posts on facebook where people are talking about it. Vinegar works well for a lot of things.

  • Melissa Smith

    I really didn’t know there were so many ways to get rid of those pesky annoying little things. I usually just stick to straight ACV, but that gets a little stinky sometimes.

  • Debbie White Beattie

    I hate fruit flies because they get into everything but I love your tips, thanks for the help !