1. Jackie Currie says

    Thanks for this, Paula. I have a confession. I HATE writing. I know that sounds weird – a blogger who hates writing. And here’s the thing. I actually LOVE writing when I’m not writing for my blog. I love writing hand-written letters to people. My Nan and my Mother-in-law always said they loved getting my letters because it was like reading a story, but writing for an “audience” is so much difference. I agonize over everything I say, and I think I’m far too formal or technical. My photos? No problem. I stuff my posts full of them because they rock (well, *I* think they do hehee). If my posts could be wordless, and just feature the photos, I’d pump out a post every day, but the writing part. Oy. It takes me a couple of hours to write a simple craft tutorial. Painful. Anyway, I’ve rambled on too long. See? i told you I didn’t have any trouble writing when it’s not for my blog! I just wanted to thank you for the valuable advice.