Halloween DIY Bubble Gum Machine #WordlessWednesday


Halloween DIY Bubble Gum Machine
We got creative with Payton’s costume this year.

Well Halloween has come and gone, but I wanted to share our photos from this year’s event to prolong the fun a bit. As you can see we had a great time with costumes this year. Payton and I found the concept for this DIY Halloween Bubble Gum Machine costume on Pinterest and we duplicated it, with a few modifications for a young girl. I don’t let my kids wear costumes that are inappropriate for their ages. On Pinterest this Halloween DIY Bubble Gum Machine was shown with a mini-skirt.

I prefer the pants and I think Payton did a great job with this. We found all the items for her costume at the local dollar store. Score!

In the event you want to do this Halloween DIY Bubble Gum Machine another year here is what we used:

2 packages of PomPoms (dollar store)

Hot glue gun

Old black T-shirt or buy a new one from a dollar store near you.

Red pants

Cardboard and tin foil (for the 25 cents coin operated mechanism)

Hot glue pompoms to the top. Don’t forget put cardboard inside the T-shirt or the glue will go right through and then the costume is ruined. Use a piece of cardboard and cover it with tinfoil. Fashion a tiny twist tie into a sideways silver knob. Glue the knob to the rest of the coin slot. Attach it to a belt. Make a headband with remaining pom pons if you wish. Easy peasy. (Plus it cost about $6.)


And as for Ainsley, she is completely obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so it was easy to find a costume for that. We bought this one at WalMart. Why did I opt to buy it? Well, sometimes time is money. I knew Ainsley wanted to be a specific turtle. She had to be Raphael. She had her heart set on it so as soon as I spied this one in the right size I snagged it. Plus honestly this is a child who still dresses up and plays that kind of creative game with friends on our street. So I know she will use this costume over and over again. That means after Halloween it goes right into the costume bin in the basement. And then eventually we give it to the cousins who live out of town and it gets another life there.


So we had one handmade and one store bought and I am fine with that. How was your Halloween? Do you buy costumes or make them? This is a Wordless Wednesday post. But you should know I am rarely wordless.


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