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The Most Meaningful Holiday Gifts #worldvisiongifts Twitter Party Save The Date Nov. 19

world vision twitter party

This is a twitter party with a difference. We at Linked Moms, often tackle hard topics, like infertility, adoption, advocacy and poverty. It’s one of the things that makes us unique. We have a voice, a platform, and an audience too. We care about topics that matter. We care about families and issues. We never underestimate our readers. We know they want to hear about things that matter. We know several of you are just like us parenting kids with special needs, trying to make a difference in the world and struggling with the reality of aging parents. Life is rarely simple, or easy, but it is a gift worth cherishing always.

As we head into the holiday season, we know many of you are like us in hoping that you are able to choose the most meaningful gifts for loved ones. If you have been following along here for the last couple of months then you know that I travelled with World Vision Canada to Colombia so I could write about sponsorship and gift catalogue donations and the difference that Canadians are making in the country where poverty, and drugs are still very real threats to children. It was an amazing opportunity and the experience of seeing lives changed, also changed my life as well. It helped me to share with my kids the many reasons I am moved to gift things from the World Vision Canada gift catalogue this year. Together we are choosing gifts with meaning, as a family. This is a topic you will read more about here as I head into the holiday season. The Most Meaningful Holiday Gifts matter globally to other children, and other families. They teach compassion and a concept that isn’t found inside a big box store or a package. The most meaningful holiday gifts also teach kids to be involved in the world around them. Everyone has an impact.

This month Linked Moms wants you to be part of our Twitter Party November 19th at 8 p.m. EST. with World Vision Canada. World Vision Canada will join us to answer questions and discuss why this year is the perfect opportunity to give gifts with meaning from their gift catalogue.

The hashtag will be #worldvisiongifts and the RSVP list will follow shortly.

Don’t forget to add your name then and put us into your calendar. We have several prizes to give away that evening.

Don’t forget to follow us each on Twitter for more news about the RSVP and the pre-party post.





Please keep reading all my stories from the trip with World Vision Canada.

You can read more:

Part 1: The Briefing
Sponsor a child and change a community. Or you can buy something for someone this year that makes a difference to an entire community like this one. There is a bit of everything in the World Vision Canada gift catalogue. From soccer balls, to chickens and goats to latrines and medicine. Or you can help to buy a community centre. The Most Meaningful Holiday Gifts can be found in the World Vision gift catalogue this year. Visit the gift catalogue here:
For more information visit the main World Vision site.
You can also follow World Vision on twitter at
and on Facebook:
I travelled with World Vision Canada as a guest so I could tell these stories. I am sharing more stories this week and next. Join us with World Vision Canada on November 19th at 8 p.m. EST. Ask me how you can schedule a sponsored chat or twitter party. 

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