Happy Holidays From Conceivable Dreams Families #IVF4ON

Merry Christmas to everyone here who ever struggled with infertility, or knows someone close to them who had difficulty building a family. The holiday season can be challenging for parents in waiting. But, this season we have many reasons to celebrate in Ontario. This year Conceivable Dreams families and infertility patients are celebrating the second anniversary of the Ontario Fertility Program.

Last year, our first year of the program seemed like such a monumental occasion. After all, first birthdays are a developmental milestone as any parent knows. But this year, in 2017, on December 21st we mark our second birthday!! The second year of the Ontario Fertility Program has been remarkable. In year one, we had about 6500 patients access Ontario’s IVF funding program.

The Ontario Fertility Program’s second year has meant watching many more of our Conceivable Dreams infertility patients access this program. It has given us so many more Conceivable Dreams families. Last year we had a few pregnant stomachs and newborns to illustrate our Christmas card. The process of IVF takes time and it can be emotionally, physically and financially draining. But two years ago the government funding program started and the financial toll on patients was greatly alleviated.

This year our Conceivable Dreams families are flourishing. You can see their beautiful stories and holiday wishes on our Instagram page too.

Families like Alison and Andre, Taunya and Rob, Joanne and Daren. Cassandra and Sarah, Adrianna and more celebrate babies first Christmas this year. While many have been able to start their families, others have had a chance to grow theirs. Taunya and Rob for instance had their baby boy in October, making their beautiful daughter a sister. There’s no gift bigger than that!

2017 has simply been such a rewarding and wonderful year of growth.

Now the first patients who accessed the IVF funding have children that are learning to walk and talk. In fact, some are toddlers. And in the last six months we have seen so many healthy infants as a result of this program.

It’s been such a joy watching so many become families after years of miscarriages and failed attempts at less expensive treatments that were often not what was needed in order to succeed at conceiving.

Right now as we head into 2018 Conceivable Dreams is mindful that the Ontario Fertility Program is a beautiful thing. AND there are still goals for this advocacy organization in the next year.

What’s left for Conceivable Dreams in 2018?

Accessibility in Northern Ontario is not as good as it should be. Many patients in Thunder Bay and Sudbury area drive for hours to get to a clinic.

The cost of fertility drugs continues to be an issue. We will keep advocating with employers to build better benefits packages for employees. After all, the government is doing its part to support healthy families in Ontario. Businesses have a role to play as well.

And we will always keep advocating for greater support, education and awareness. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

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Merry Christmas from Conceivable Dreams families! 

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