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Stay Safe With These Five Tips When Traveling #travel

Stay safe when you travel by making sure everything is in order before you leave, and all set up for when you get there. The key to helping you stay safe is proper planning. With planning in place, you’ll have all your bases covered, from transportation to lodging to funds.


Stay Safe and Secure When Traveling

Whether you’re road tripping or hopping a plane, there are things you can do to help you be as safe as possible while on your trip. Think ahead and limit the opportunity for bad things to happen. So how do we do that?

Car Check

If you’re road tripping, always have your car checked from top to bottom. Do a complete once over. Check turn signals and oil levels. Change the oil if necessary. Check the tire pressure and the treads. Get your vehicle a tune up if needed and have the mechanic check your power steering and coolant levels. The last thing you want on  your road trip is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, or worse, have a blow out or some other major issue while on a highway or the interstate.

Passport Check

Always make sure your passport is up to date and includes every ounce of personal information necessary. Not only is your passport the gateway in and out of countries, it’s a valuable tool to help you stay safe. You’ll use your passport at places like embassies and consulates in case of emergencies. Another good idea is to keep a photocopy of your passport with you in luggage or a purse. Leave a photocopy at home with your travel agent or emergency contact. (If you happen to lose a passport I have a post all about what to do and where to go to address the lost passport.)

[tweetthis]Always keep a photocopy of your passport on you in the event that you misplace yours. Leave a copy of your passport and itinerary at home with someone you trust too #travel[/tweetthis]

Never Show

If you want to stay safe, never flash money or credit cards. Take only what you need out of your wallet and do it in a way that you aren’t showing the world that wad of cash you have or those five credit cards you keep in your wallet. Traveling is rewarding, but can also be dangerous. Travelers are sometimes marked for scams and theft. Don’t give thieves more of a reason to target you.

[tweetthis]Don’t reveal details about when or where you are staying to strangers when traveling. #travel[/tweetthis]

Never Tell

When you reach your destination, don’t tell anyone other than family and friends where you’re staying. One big key to helping you stay safe is maintaining strict privacy. I know we all think bad things can’t happen to us, but they can. No one needs to know where your family is staying. That is a clear opening for robbery.

Be Adequately Suspicious

I’m not saying to assume that all the locals are a threat, but being extra cautious is an absolute necessity to help you stay safe. If you encounter a person who seems overly interested in you and probing with their questions, especially as they relate to your trip, disengage immediately. They may just be super friendly, or they may be pumping you for information about where you’re staying and how much money you have.

Stay Vigilant. Stay Safe

The key to staying safe is to be vigilant at all times on your trip. That means being vigilant about making sure the car is in good working order in the same way that you’re vigilant about not giving out personal information or letting people see what’s going on in your wallet.

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