I Ran 1.5 K For the First Time #health #fitness

I ran 1.5 K for the first time. Oh sure I know many of you can run a lot farther than that and faster too probably. But of all the sports I enjoy running is NOT ONE OF THEM. AT all. I enjoy fitness and pilates and centergy and yoga but I do not run. In fact, I would almost run to get out of this particular sport.

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Last night I ran 1.5 K. I am not a runner. In fact I mostly hate running. Ask me when the last time was that I ran anywhere (save for running after my daughter). Go ahead. Well, it was around 1980 I think. I exercise. My exercise routine is typically a protected area of my life. I aim to hit the gym 2-3 times a week for my strength and my sanity. In fact I stepped it up a notch this year. I plugged in a fitness consultant at the start of 2014 and it was going gangbusters up until April.
Then I persevered through a move in the dead of winter and hit the gym obsessively even then. But work here at Thrifty Mom Media got stupendously busy. It might slow in May or it might not. I have let work take over as the clients I currently have had extremely active campaigns this month. But I am slowly sliding back to the gym as I am able.
Then last night my new neighbour invited me to run and train with them this summer. I don’t run. Period. Ever. My kids outrun me and I am mostly okay with that. I take my fitness straight up inside a room at the Y with weights by myself, or in Pilates, yoga or body flow with a group. This one time I even tried Zumba, but that’s another story.
And even still I ran. So why did I run 1.5 K out of the blue last night? Well, my new neighbourhood is lovely. My new neighbours couldn’t be nicer. Truly. At least five new neighbours have personally shown up at my door with offers of cookies, banana bread, dinner at their house, and dessert.
Their children are equally lovely, well mannered and sweet. My kids are enamoured with this new home, the new friends and opportunities. Frankly, we couldn’t have made a better choice with this new space and this new neighbourhood. But running? I prefer group centergy over any other fitness routine. Group fitness I am good at: I can plank and do crunches and squats and burpies all morning long happily. But running?
Some children in the neighbourhood and one of the dogs are also committed to running and conditioning for the summer. If they can do it I can do it.
At the start of this year I chose a word to help guide my mind and actions. Remember that? My word this year was growth.  I could have worked all night last night again as usual. But instead I started thinking – why not? Why not take a chance? Commit to this fully and embrace new routines, new sports, why not try running?
This nightly routine will be a great way to connect with my neighbourhood, my kids and my neighbours. If I can do it, my daughters can do it. Also I started thinking about this as a metaphor of sorts for my life. I have hit a lot of the goals I have set for myself over the past five years personally and professionally. I’m always searching out a way to build on that. Why not take a risk on something new for my 40s? So despite the fact that my legs are screaming this morning I will be out there again tonight – a little slower no doubt because my leg muscles will take some more practice at this before they adjust to life as a newbie runner.
How are you doing on your fitness goals this year? Do you run? Any tips for a newbie runner?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Sandy A

    Congrats Paula!! That is SO awesome! How you did 1.5K out of the blue, I’ll never know. I could NOT do that myself. Walk yes…run no. Keep that up and you will be so fit by the end of summer. That is fantastic about your new neighbours..they sound wonderful. So happy for you and your family that you found such a great place to call home 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Good for you Paula! It is great to have the added inspiration of a lovely neighborhood to check out and friendly neighbors to do it with, but it is all on you to take that first step and you did. Congrats!! I need to take some inspiration from that and work on my own growth this year..

  • RedWritingHood

    Congratulations! I totally remember the first time I ran a distance of any significance, it’s a great accomplishment! 😀

    My fitness goals are right on track, thanks to great support from a trainer and a job that keeps me focused on my health every single day.

  • Julie Harrison

    That is amazing that you could do 1.5k without any training! Last year, I worked up to 2K to do a run with my daughter. The program that I really love and is highly recommended by many people is “Couch to 5K.” It helps people build up to longer runs while avoiding injury.

    • Paula Schuck

      Julie; I need that book. I didn’t plan this and I know I am totally jumping in. Ran it again tonight a bit slower so I think I like the idea but absolutely I need guidance. Thanks!

  • Kathleen Garber

    Wow what a nice neighbourhood. I barely know my neighbours. Good for you for running, I can’t run either. I’d like to work myself up to being able to do a marathon.

    • Paula Schuck

      Kathleen: I lucked out. My old neighbourhood was very much like that. Hardly knew anyone there for 14 years. This is a wildly different experience.