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Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews #giveaway

I received a bag of Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews recently when I attended Mompreneur Conference in Toronto and frankly they didn’t last long. I thought my kids would be the ones in sneaking these. Instead I was surprised to find out who really was sneaking my stash of Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews.

When I opened the bag of Skinny Chews I let each of my girls try one and warned them off, then I hid them up high, on the top cupboard of the kitchen where little people cannot reach. I was keeping this bag entirely for me, or so I thought, until I discovered them vanishing at a rapid pace.

Where were they going? One morning I stumbled on the answer. Darling husband was making his lunch and packing them each day as his mid-day treat. He was doing so really quietly. In fact, health nut husband ate most of my first bag of Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews. That was a total shocker. Darling husband is what I lovingly, in my head, call the Food Nazi. Don’t tell him I said that. Here I was slowly pacing myself at 1-2 Skinny Chews a day. But he was throwing them into his lunch to eat at work in the middle of the day. Normally, this guy reaches for a handful of almonds at home. That’s his Go To snack, so I was stumped. What was it that won him over? He’s all about the raw vegetables, almonds, protein bars and water since committing to a relatively rigorous martial arts routine that has seen him lose about 15 pounds in the last 2 years.

I looked closer at the snack package for Skinny Chews. No gluten. 17 calories a chew. Each morsel tastes like a Tootsie Roll and is in fact pretty chewy, chewier than an average treat. Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews contain cocoa, happy cocoa that is pure and can potentially give you a small hit of energy. It’s healthy and natural and functional as a mid-day or later evening snack.
















Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews were created by Dr. Joey Schulman, registered nutritionist and best-selling author. She was one of the lucky business owners recently on Dragon’s Den. She partnered with Arlene Dickinson and even the dragons on the hit CBC show couldn’t find anything negative to say about these tasty morsels. They are made with chicory root inulin fibre, cane juice, brown rice syrup and natural flavour. They are also entirely free of artificial sugars and colours. Best of all they have a genuinely chocolatey taste.

For more information about them check out the site for Skinny Chews.

I received samples of these items. Skinny Chews has also offered to send one bag of these yummy treats to one lucky Canadian reader. Follow the instructions below to win. And don’t forget to follow Dr. Joey Schulman on twitter.  and on Instagram too.

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