Reasons to Stay at a Ski In Ski Out Lodge

No big surprise for many of you that we love to ski. We have done at least one epic ski trip every single year since learning how to ski at Tremblant in 2015. We have stayed: on the mountain, at the resort, right at the base of the lodge, ten minutes away, half an hour away, in condos and most recently in a ski in ski out lodge. So, we have formed some opinions of the benefits and even the slight inconveniences associated with each type of family ski trip accommodations.

Two skiers standing on an incline overlooking the valley below where Jackson Gore Lodge is located at Okemo Mountain ski resort Vermont
Our first ever experience with ski in ski out lodging was at Okemo earlier this year

Ski in ski out lodges are our new favourite way to stay and ski. In fact, after doing two of these stays this year I feel like this is the way to go for busy family ski trips and even solo or romantic getaways. The goal is for you and your family to have an epic ski trip, right? A ski in ski out lodge provides all the comforts of home and incredibly easy access to the slopes.

Staying in a ski in ski out lodge allows you to have more fun on the slopes whether skiing in Utah, Denver, Vermont, Quebec or Maine, this is my new preferred accommodation choice because it saves time and money with less headaches overall.

Here’s why we are big fans of ski in ski out lodges.

Benefits of a Ski in Ski out Lodge

We recently took a two-week ski road trip during which we skied at four different areas. Two of them were ski in ski out resorts, and I learned firsthand just how amazing it is to stay in one of those places. I can say from experience that these benefits made our trip absolutely amazing. Our first big ski trip of the year this past March involved a stay at Okemo Mountain Ski Resort in Vermont. We stayed at Jackson Gore Inn and it was our first time doing ski in ski out and we were hooked.

Easy Access

First and foremost on my list of benefits is easy access to the slopes. Staying in one of these lodges gets you as close as you can possibly be to the action. It makes for an incredibly short trip to the lifts, far more skiing, and adds so much more convenience.

If you get hungry or need a bathroom break, you just ski right down to your lodge. It couldn’t be easier.

Affordable Meals

Staying in a ski in ski out lodge gives you all the amenities of home, which means a kitchen. Rather than spending a ton of money at the big lodge, restaurants, or cafeterias, you can make your own meals right there at the condo. I really didn’t get this until we stayed here at Okemo early in March on a hosted ski trip and I was thrilled with the ability to pop back at lunch and eat a quick sandwich or wrap in our condo. Another day we each ate the leftovers from the dinner the night before. Less food waste too.

skis on snow with text overtop of the pinterest image


Listen, you simply can’t put a price tag on time. The extra time that you would spend driving to and from the resort is now spent skiing. JOY!!! That’s invaluable to me.

Less Clutter in Your Living Space

Most ski in ski out lodges have rooms or lockers for all your ski equipment, which means you aren’t tripping over your skis or poles during your down time from skiing.

Some ski in ski out resorts also have stands for skis, poles, and snowboards right outside the entry, making it incredibly easy to store your gear or just drop it off for a few minutes while you take a meal/bathroom break. Word to the wise though. Don’t forget your skis or snowboards are there. In March at Okemo we spied several pairs of kid’s skis that were left behind after someone clearly returned home. Those little ones would be sad pandas when they realized the Princess pink skis neglected to make it home.


Most ski in ski out lodges are among the most luxurious options you’ll find at the resort. These lodges provide a level of comfort you won’t usually find in a standard hotel room. It’s a wonderful feeling to come back from skiing and relax in accommodations that have all the comforts of home and then some. From laundry to kitchenettes, to quick access to hot tubs and resort pools – we love using the amenities after a long day of skiing.


Location, Location, Location

Most of these lodges are closer to more than just the slopes. These accommodations are usually also close to restaurants, if you prefer that over making your own meals, play areas, fire pits, pools, hot tubs, bars, workout and fitness centres, and other amenities at the resort.

Extra Perks

At some resorts, staying at a ski in ski out lodge also grants you access to other perks. Many resorts offer scheduled family activities which you can take advantage of like snow play times, parades, dress-up or themed ice skate nights, tubing, free small treats, and even entertainment and holiday celebrations.

Jackson Gore Inn from on the mountain at Okemo in Vermont

A Ski in Ski out Lodge is the Best Way to Ski

From now on, we will continue to search for the best options for our family. But that said, I will always look up the prices and availability for ski in ski out lodge first. The many benefits these lodges and condos provide make for a ski trip that’s heavy on fun and light on stress.

The only downside at all to these places is that they can sometimes seem like more money upfront. This is in fact why we avoided this for a few years. But now that we have experienced the joy of waking up, dressing for a day on the slopes and skiing straight over to the chairlift at 9 a.m. or earlier, it will be hard to justify staying off site anymore.

It’s Worth It

In my opinion, the pluses far outweigh the minuses. If you’re planning a ski trip, I highly recommend looking into ski in ski out lodges.

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