Ironic Awards Day

On this rainy Monday I am blogging quickly about my first award. Yay me! The Sunshine Award – funny and slightly ironic name for the award on a day like today. (Booming thunder drumroll in the background.)
Anyways so this is me thanking my readers for one year of excellent support and comments and ideas. And also acknowledging Deb Kade, over at Lucas’s Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder for giving me this award. Thanks much my lovelies. Now for this next year of growth and partnerships I look forward to having you visit me at one of my other blogs or I hope too to meet some of you at one of the excellent conferences coming up for bloggers.

As a condition of accepting, I must pass this along so here goes:

1.welcome to normal
2.adoption and foster care: my personal experiences
3. the gift
4. five hens
5.more than a number

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