Make Some Memories With Hershey’s S’Mores Kit #Giveaway

What could be sweeter this time of year? 
A couple of short weeks ago, I attended this tiny affair called Blogher 12. One of the amazing sponsors was Hershey’s and they had this fabulous suite they called Camp Bondfire where we were able to indulge a love of S’mores and sit and relax on the 42nd floor of the Hilton New York City, Avenue of the Americas. It was indulgent and fun and made me crave more S’mores. So, lucky me, when I got home I also received this great gift pack of all you need to make S’mores. I took it up to the cottage this week and oh joy of joys this fantastic kit was the total package. The Hershey’s chocolate bars, the Honey Maid graham wafers and the Jet Puff’s incredible marshmallows were all impressive and beyond that even, totally peanut free. So my niece and nephew – the great kids with the peanut allergy that can be deadly – could eat them. How thrilled was I with that? And my sister-in-law was extremely excited about the telescoping skewers for the marshmallows, etched with Hershey’s and Walmart and did I mention TELESCOPING? Love that. 
My girl and her cousin in the background making memories at the beach. S’mores were such a hit on the first night with Hershey’s products that we ate them all and then hunted madly for more at the beach. 
We tried to duplicate and they were good, but we couldn’t obtain the same level of marshmallow to melted chocolate and peanut free excellence as we did with this amazing kit.
So, why don’t you make some memories with Hershey’s? Enter to win and please note there are only a few criteria here to win. Leave a comment. If you want to do more, then go ahead. Otherwise, get outside and be happy. Make some memories!

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