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Toilet Water and Welcome Wednesday

If I had a dime for every time my kids did something that stunned me and made me fall down laughing, well I would be a very wealthy woman. The beautiful wild thing about parenting and having children is the very unpredictability of it all. A friend of mine who sat on a panel of adoptive parents with me a couple of weeks ago described her adoptive experience like this. She said it was a very calm easy slow process at the start that lulled them into believing parenting would be the same. They filled out their adoption application, waited, did the PRIDE training and read books about parenting and in the mean time one partner got pregnant and had a baby. They waited a couple of years and proceeded with the process again and were ready to adopt going about their lives as parents to one child, then on a Friday at about 3 o’clock they received a call that their baby had been born and was waiting at hospital for them. Mad dash to Shoppers Drug Mart muttering, “The Baby is here!” as cashiers look strangely at the new adoptive parent. Baby came home and was their new placement on Saturday. No nine months of prep. Just hello I am here. The lack of control over the process was precisely what parenthood is all about, she says. You can prepare and try to get educated and ready and even so when the reality hits, whether you are an adoptive parent or a biological parent, the truth is the process of parenting is all about losing control. Which brings me to my weekly story of the craziness that is our house. Darling daughter, who is nine next week and fluent in French, came home from school this week and as I was on the computer writing she went to the bathroom. I thought nothing of it until a giant cloud of perfume permeated the whole house and I stormed upstrairs to verbally chastize. Coughing all the way, I blathered: “Do not touch Mom’s perfume!” She insisted she didn’t touch perfume. At which point this story could have slid into an accusation and a big huffy standoff about lying. Instead daughter pulled out my winter perfume (heavy scent of Bob Mackie which in summer is very unpleasant) and she read me the box deadpan serious face. Eau de Toilette. Mom, it says right there it is toilet water, so I sprayed the toilet with it. Honestly I hadn’t really considered that possibility and so with Mommy laughing to herself all the way to her own room and opening windows to let stink out of house and explained to eldest what toilet water really meant. Some days I feel like I am parenting from the planet Mars, but at least there are some truly hysterical moments like that in the mix. By the way it is also Welcome Wednesday…visit and make some new friends.

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