Kindness Game – Teaching Kids How to Be Kind

“Be Kind Whenever Possible. It is Always Possible,” – Dalai Lama

Kindness is my life philosophy and one of the highest aspirations for me as a parent.

International Kindness Day is right around the corner. That’s why I thought it would be a great time to share this Kindness game with you.

Make Kindness Fun

I am not one to believe that kindness should ever be confined to a single day. Kindness, especially these days, is like sunshine, sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

Now, more than ever, the world needs kindness. Sharing that philosophy with my kids and hoping they evolve into caring, kind adults, is a life’s work and a joy many days too. Sometimes they surprise me with the kind things they do when I am not even around. Occasionally, like all kids, they struggle.

When push comes to shove, love and kindness win. I believe that even when it looks like the opposite is happening in many places around the world.

Sometimes Kindness is Simple

These days every small act of kindness matters. Find a way to do even small acts of kindness every day and you make an impact. That’s why I put together this cute Kindness Game to share.

Make it a Game

It’s pretty simple really. Grab a set of dice and play with your kids. I guarantee that it’s easy and it will also help your kids to think about some new ideas and ways to be kind right in your own backyard.

Never Underestimate the Power of Words

Somehow both of my girls have got this message and often they randomly do these kind things that surprise me. One typically issues unprompted compliments when we are out in the neighbourhood.

“I love your nails.” “Have a wonderful day!”

A Simple Hi to a Stranger

The other says Hello all the time to random strangers on our walks. It is genuinely delightful to watch that. I know it is such a small thing sometimes but don’t underestimate the importance of kindness, or the power of a compliment. We were out walking the other night and a young woman walked straight up to my youngest and randomly said: “You are beautiful.” That made us all smile.


Sharing a joke is another great way to make someone smile, or laugh, out of the blue. If you are looking for a few fun little jokes to add to kid’s lunches this year to lighten the stress at school, this cute lunchbox printable will work.

Don’t Forget to Ask Them

When my kids were small I would ask them, how can we make Joseph feel better? He was one of their younger friends and he had cancer. We occasionally came up with great ideas together. I could go and watch him while his Mom got a break. Or, we could all back muffins or cupcakes and take them to the family at the hospital.

Write a Letter

My youngest became extremely close to my uncle, when he was in stage 4 of his treatment for lung cancer. She wrote him many letters that he treasured and then he wrote back. It was a sweet relationship and they were both very invested in that letter exchange. Empathy grows like this sometimes.

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Find Something Kind to Do


Basically, this cute kid’s game is a Pay it Forward kind of activity to teach them about community and being empathetic and kind towards others. Another really great way, perhaps the best way, is to model kindness in your family first. Why not, Pay it forward to someone in the line at the drive through? Or, run after them if you see that they randomly dropped something they didn’t mean to drop.

There are endless ways to show kindness. How will you be kind today?

The Kindness Game

If you are a reader check out this – > Kindness Book – The War for Kindness

All you need is a set of dice for this game.

How to Play

Count the number of dots on the dice, roll and play.

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  • Kingsley

    AWWW, the world really needs more kindness than ever. I remember how I offered to help a stranger who’s car broke down after a small crash. I was just in a bus heading home but I stopped and just kept him company until the mechanic arrived to fix the car. He sponsored dinner for both of us and we had a great chat. Later I discovered he was a co-founder of a company that eventually got him listed as one of Forbes under 40

  • Marie Phillips

    I wish this game would work with my teenagers! As parents we teach our kids kindness and try to emulate it as much as humanly possible, but sometimes you just wonder if it will every stick. And then they do something that shows they heard all of those words!