Funny Lunch Box Safari Jokes for Kids

It’s time to head back to school. So, I thought I’d share these adorable and free Lunch Box Safari Jokes for you to share with your kids.

I have shared several sets of lunch box jokes over the years. Recently, I posted these adorable karate lunch box jokes to brighten their week when you add them to the lunch box, or bento box. You loved those so much that I thought I’d add more here for you to help brighten the back to school in 2020 mood. Don’t forget to print these Lunch Box Safari Jokes out and add to your son or daughter’s lunch.

safari lunch box jokes

Do you do anything different after the New Year to get the kids enthused about returning to school? After two weeks off it’s hard to want to return at all. Believe me, I am actually often ready for a ski vacation after two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s.

New Year, New Attitude

Do you do anything to celebrate the New Year? Resolutions, a Word of the Year or anything that inspires and guides the year ahead? I pick a word of the year every year just because sometimes that helps me to focus my approach here. I am not a huge fan of resolutions, because they are too easily broken.

It’s always comical to me to see fitness resolutions in action. I work out at the YMCA year round, so consistently over the years I have seen the pattern after New Year’s resolutions start and then taper off slowly. January fills up with every class bursting at the seams. Then February it tapers off again and by March everyone and their aunt and uncle is in a group fitness class. March is the funniest experience to me. Apparently everyone just wants winter to be over by then and also they are all preparing for the spring break vacations. By April and the entire summer the workouts at the YMCA can be a ghost town.

I don’t mind that at all. More space for me to set up my yoga mat.

More Lunch Box Notes

Don’t miss these lunchbox notes too. They are just a cute little way to add an I love you to your child’s lunch.


Safari Jokes

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Hope the year ahead is a great one!

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